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ademozbek 08-24-2014 07:33 PM

Any ideas? Looking for bindings for my Yes PYL...
So I've narrowed down my options to Union Atlas , Union Force , & Burton Cartels. I'm trying to keep a reasonable budget as well. Would appreciate some opinions!

Oh and is it bad karma to pair burton with yes? Haha

Steezus Christ 08-24-2014 07:47 PM

what style of riding do you do and what are you looking to get out of ur bindings? what bindings have u used previously? all 3 of those bindings are great and you should be happy with either but a bit more info will help us help you.

ademozbek 08-24-2014 08:12 PM

I'd say my style is aggressive all-mtn/freeride. I don't spend much time in the park anymore. I'm looking for stability when I'm bombing, hate chatter, responsive heel to toe, comfort but not crying about it, snappy when i want to hit a lip and enough flex for buttering.

I had a 2012 PYL and used both Flow The Five SE and union atlas bindings on it. I felt the Flow paired up better, where the atlas felt it was almost countering what the board wanted to do, felt a bit too stiff for the board. But I'm over the flow rear entry..i want my straps back.

I upgraded to the 2014 PYL and reviews say its a bit more stiff than the previous years. So now I'm unsure of the direction i should go...

Nivek 08-24-2014 08:25 PM

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Liking the Five on that deck pushes me to recommend something more like Union Ultra's, Salomon Defenders, or K2 Lien AT's. The Five is not by any means a stiff binding. Even with the metal heel loop on the SE's I felt underpowered with those on my Darwin or Drifter. They have stayed on my park decks. But, what you may be liking about the binding is the base flex. Do you by chance have a skate or surf background prior to snowboarding? That's generally the case with guys that like a softer binding on a stiffer board. That combo when used the right way allows you to sort of preload your body before driving that energy into the board. What the three bindings I recommended do is take that riding style and design responsive rides around that theory. The Union and K2 both sit on a full EVA pad between binding and board that allows the whole binding to sort of roll around on the disc. I could literally ride Contact Pro's on any deck you give me shy of BX. That rolling factor keeps the binding basically glued in place around your boot. I say Ultra's cause the carbon highback is going to be more beneficial to you. The Defender is basically the spirit of the Chief with Shadow Fit. The soft heelcup allows a bit of lateral movement and helps the move the binding with the boot instead of fighting your boots movement. If you want the full effect look into the Holograms. Another binding I can ride on anything from a jib deck, to a freeride rocket, to a pow surfer.

ademozbek 08-24-2014 08:41 PM

Yes skated for most of my life. Makes sense.. thanks I'll look into those bindings!

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