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icemanboarder 01-24-2011 10:51 AM

Input needed please
First post here so nice to meet all you. I just started snowboarding last year and have only gone 5-6 times so far. I just got my own gear and went this last weekend. I am 6' 215 lbs with a size 13 boot. I went with w Burton Duece 162W Celsius boots and used the Burton Freestyle bindings since they came with the board. Everything felt good except the bindings felt like they were very sloppy no matter how I tried to adjust them. Oh by the way I was riding +18/-12 21" width goofy. I was having no trouble turning heelside but toeside was even more difficult then with the rentals. It feels like I am not connected enough with the board to control that edge. I realize I am still learning and toeside is going to be harder for me but I dont want to be fighting the equipment like I felt like I was. I am able to return the bindings for store credit and they have the Cartels so would those help me feel more connected and have better control of the board? I am mostly riding downhill now to learn before trying any park stuff. Thanks for the input!

gjsnowboarder 01-24-2011 01:42 PM

The Freestyle's are an alright binding. Most likely you need to make some changes with your setup. One, widen your stance. I have similar measure ments to you ant 21" width is too small. If your stance is too narrow it will be harder to bend your knees which can greatly effect your toeside. Secondly, when you tighten your straps do you hit a point where the ratchets are all the way down and nearly touching the binding sides? If so, adjust your straps so that you can tighten them without running out of ladder strap and can make them very snug. Very easy to do with Burton straps. These simple equipment adjustments might be all that you need if you are not having any stance issues. If you are re-post with what happens when try using your toeside.

icemanboarder 01-24-2011 04:49 PM

Thanks for the reply! I forgot to mention that when I first went out I was at 23" and after half the day the inside of my left knee was killing me so I moved them in to 21" and it feels more comfortable, at least for me. As far as tightening down the bindings, no I do not run out of strap, I adjusted them so I can ratchet them down to the point they slip and wont grab another tooth, but even then if I am standing on the board and put pressure on my toes its like there is some give before the heel edge starts to lift, almost as if I had the bindings on with bungee cords.

gjsnowboarder 01-24-2011 05:04 PM

You might be able to adjust where the ankle strap is attached on the binding to stop some of that. Of course if you are experiencing heel lift in the boot then that could be part of the problem as well.

The knee pain could be caused by a wide stance, angle set-up, or also by the movements that you are making when boarding. Board stance set-up can take awhile to find that perfect width and angle combination for your individual body make-up.

If the store will give you credit and the cost of upgrading bindings is something that you have discretsionary funds for then I would recommend the Cartel bindings. I ride them myself and have been vary happy with them.

icemanboarder 01-24-2011 05:32 PM

I was able to swap to the Cartels for only $70 so I pulled the trigger on them today. Going out on friday again to give them a try!

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