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Flat4Love 02-02-2011 08:58 AM

Need new bindings C60 vs C02
Ok here is the deal. I am in the market to replace my 2001 Burton C14s so far BEST binding I have had.

Previous bindings

97-98 Burton X
99-00 Burton CFX
01-present C14

I bought a pair of Rome 390 Boss bindings for my 01' 156 Forum Bjorn Leines with the intent on mounting them to the 2012 NS Proto. I HATE HATE HATE the Romes in 3 hrs i had paint chips all over the place and compared to my C14s i felt like all turns were delayed and the board just felt DEAD!

I'm looking at the 2010 C60 (can't get 2011 since it was only in EST) and the 2011 CO2 W/re:flex.

I like a VERY stiff VERY responsive binding for that reason C60 would be the obvious choice. But the Re:flex on the CO2 and the stiffness that i hear it has makes me think it would be a better match to a 152 NS Proto CT when it's released. Whats confusing me is that on Burtons website the CO2 has a 7 Flex rating. Same as the cartels and I know the cartels are very much like the 390 Boss. How much is the response difference from the C60 to the CO2.... Ideally I would love to put the living hinge disk into the C60 IF at all possible. I would really like some input from those that have ridden both the C60 and Co2 and if you felt a big difference in response. I would get out to the mountains to Demo but sadly Burton doesn't do many Demos at all in Northern Japan, just Tokyo area which is a solid 10+hr drive from me. I do know the binding would be a Medium I was at least able to get to my local shred shop to match my boots to the bindings. But the Language barrier prevents me from getting the question I have here answered.


Nivek 02-03-2011 07:12 PM

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Well try not to blame Rome for the paint issue. It was a manufacturer problem. The samples they got last year were fine and something got changed for production that Rome didn't know.

If you're looking for that responsive of a binding Then CO2 might be your best bet. Something else that might work would be Flow NXT-FRX's or Ride Double Agents.

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