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phile00 02-03-2011 12:21 AM

Good metric for stance angles?
I usually ride a 15/-15 stance because I like to ride switch. But everyone always says it's preference. To me it seems like it should be more than just preference. Sure different angles suit different styles of riding, but it seems that whatever you're doing it should be anatomically ergonomic.

I was playing around with more drastic stance angles today. My feet kind of naturally duck out a little bit when I walk. I decided to jump really high in the air and stomp down and see what angles my feet were at. Turns out my feet angles were pretty drastic; 23/-20.

I put my feet at 15/-15 and I started to bend my knees and noticed that my knees kind of bent inward. As I started to angle my feet outward from 15/-15, my knees started to bend more in line with my foot. It felt more natural and comfortable. To most it probably seems drastic but that's how my legs are built :P

Do you think there's some merit to what I'm saying in terms of knees bending in line with your foot as a decent metric? How did you find your optimal stance angles?

I can't wait to ride to test this out. I'm currently nursing a dislocated shoulder though. I've broken it before and i've dislocated my left shoulder as well, so I'm using the same methods physical therapists use and I've gain back a lot of strength just in the last 5 days. So far this year I've sustained a mildly sprained wrist and dislocated shoulder. 5 days ago my arm felt like a heavy, dead dangling piece of meat with loose ligaments and tendons. It's a terrible feeling. :P Anyhow, I'm done with injuries for the year. Smooth riding and stomping my landings from here on out!

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