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loren646 02-06-2011 04:03 AM

Just set my bindings to +15/-15...
pretty excited to try it out. never went negative before. always had it at like 15/10 or something like it.

doron 02-06-2011 01:52 PM

I went from 24/12 to 18/-9 and my back leg kept wanting to move further back. I finally settled on 15/-12 this season but I've been recently waking up in the middle of the night with knee pain. I learned to ride in the early 90's and have the problem of opening up my body to face downhill instead of aligning myself with the board so get a lot of pressure on the inside of my back knee.

Back to 15/-9 I guess, hopefully it won't feel awkward. My point: keep experimenting and always listen to snowolf!

Shadowrat 02-06-2011 09:34 PM

I just went from +18/-3 to +18/-15 on saturday. It was amazing. I had been getting much better at riding switch, and opening up my back foot really gave me a sense of control when switch. I feel like it made me more in control on my straight airs too. I think i finally feel like my stance is perfect for me.

Technine Icon 02-06-2011 09:43 PM

Just be aware that such a drastic change in stance will take time to get accustomed to.

Lifprasir 02-06-2011 10:18 PM

I've went from a hardcore forward stance to a +17/-17 too, I didn't notice a thing beside the fact that I was able to ride switch . 8-). Then again, I don't really feel a HUGE difference between my brand new 2011 Evo from my four year old shit beginner board... It's just me i guess . :(

freshy 02-07-2011 12:02 AM

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Then again your back knee might thank you for giving it such a natural stance.
Let us know how it works out for you.

TreyDay 02-07-2011 10:33 PM

i just changed my stance today before going up... i was at 15/0 and changed to 15/-15... it took a few runs down to get use to, but at the end i felt that i had a lot more control over my board.

ald3n3 02-09-2011 03:38 PM

went from 24/12 with my 09 supermodel 155 to 15/-15 with my Stairmaster 148 and i'm all fine. I switch from both of them time to time. But duck stance definitely has more control over all.

mbesp 02-09-2011 04:04 PM

I never realized how many people ride with both feet pointed toward the nose.

Broke_folk 02-09-2011 04:30 PM

^ i did that for a year and now I rock 15, -9 regular.
when I had my feet more towards the nose is was 21, +15

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