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gauntlet09 03-23-2011 03:24 PM

Highback/Heelcup Lateral Adjustment?
Do you use it? Does it help? On one hand, the idea of adjusting the highback/heelcup so that it is parallel with the edge of the board (if you ride with angled stances) logically seems to make sense. On a heelside turn, you would have better energy transfer when applying said energy directly at (perpendicular to) the board's edge as if your stance were 0/0. On the other hand, if your bindings are at an angle, wouldn't your energy still be directed into the highback at an angle (relative to the edge of the board) even if the highback was rotated to be parallel? Also, would there be less contact between the boot and the highback (especially with extreme stance angles) and thus reduced energy transfer from body to binding? Does anything I'm saying make any sense at all?

I'm obviously not a physics major or binding expert, and obviously there's a reason that every binding company (I think) offers this type of adjustment. I would imagine the difference is mostly negligable, and I've always been more of the type to just strap in and ride (until I discovered this forum that is:laugh:)...just bored curiousity I guess :dunno:. Anyone have an opinion on this?

mwl001 03-23-2011 03:34 PM

I think it really comes down to which feels more comfortable; the more comfortable you are the better you'll perform on your board. I'm not a physics major either but agree with your assessment, which makes it difficult to "compute" the correct answer.

gauntlet09 03-23-2011 03:51 PM

Sorry, I posted this thread without the poll. So then I re-posted it with the poll thinking that I could delete this thread (haven't figured it out yet). Then I realized I could've added the poll to this thread...FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! :laugh:

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