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Jhucke 09-10-2011 11:50 PM

In need of a crash course on bindings!!!
First post on here, so I'm quite new to buying and knowing what is what in the snowboarding world. I've always used other peoples equipment and boards, so I have finally decided that I want to buy my own stuff.
So are $350 bindings really THAT much better than $150 bindings? I just do not see how that can be true. What makes them better?
I was also wondering about flow bindinds.. It seems like everyone is bashing flows pretty hard on this forum. Am I going to have to buy flows top of the line bindings to get something decent?
I have compiled a list of bindings in my pricerange for you nice people to tell me which to buy. :)
K2 Hurrithane or Indy ...Maybe Formula or Cinch cts or do those suck? (Not sure if its worth it)
Union Milan, Contact, Flite ...Maybe Force (Again, not sure if its worth it)
Burton Custom/Custom EST...Maybe Missions
Ride EX and maybe Revolt
Rome United or Arsenal ..Coolest looking bindings in my opinion
Forum Faction maybe Republic
Flow The 5, Trilogy, m9, Flite 2

So... Kind of threw it all out there so forgive me. Anything to go after? Anything to stay away from?
Keep in mind that I generally just ride around the mountain trying to pull off 180s and land without hurting my ass. :D However I am trying to become more confident for the park!

So thanks for any type of positive information you guys can give me!

Dano 09-11-2011 12:56 AM

I had a pair of Burton Missions, they were a good starter binding. Not too stiff, no pressure points, and not too expensive. Tons of really good bindings out there and you'll find that everyone has their personal preference (yes, I ride some Burton stuff). Regardless of brand, snowboard equipment comes rated between 1 and 10 in stiffness. You don't need a stiff binding, you don't need to pay for the newest tech to save 0.4 lb's of weight on your board, and you don't need to spend $350 on a set of binders. As a beginner all you need is something that'll keep you attached to your snowboard. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to stay away from anything made by lamer, drake, firefly, or 5150. Ride, Union, Flow, Forum, and Burton all make reliable lower end bindings, try to find some on sale. When in doubt, swing by your local shop.

* Unless you have a Burton board with the channel system on it, you don't need EST style bindings

Donutz 09-11-2011 10:23 AM

There are people on this forum who bash flows, and there are people who swear by them. I've had Flows on one board and Burton Customs on another board, and I didn't find any difference that you could attribute to the tech. Flows are great for getting into quickly when you come off the lift. I can come off the Mystery chair, kick my back foot in, click it shut, and glide right by all the ppl sitting down strapping into their traditional bindings. On the other hand, Flows are a total PITA to put on in deep powder or when you're standing on a significant slope.

Cinch bindings are IMO a better design than Flows, but the Cinch's I owned felt heavy and unresponsive. They were the bottom-of-the-line model though.

Generally speaking you pay more for better quality. Burton has a reputation for charging more for the same level of quality than another brand would. Don't know how true that is. But past a certain point, you probably can't tell the difference unless you're semi-pro.

Right now the shops around here are putting out their uncleared previous-season stuff on clearance sales (I just bought a Special Blend jacket yesterday for way cheap). If you can find clearance sales, that's the way to go -- get more bang for your buck with last year's model.

marcdeo 09-11-2011 10:37 AM

get a pair of '10 or '11 cartels. They are a great binding at past years should be a decent price. (Keep in mind EST bindings require a specific burton board with track system)

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