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jdang307 03-22-2012 08:25 PM

Raiden Blackhawks from Dogfunk ...
Ok got the raiden blackhawks from Dog Funk. Seems like a nice binding. Couple things.

The box was missing the washers. Kind of a bummer. The bindings don't look used, but the bag the screws are in, looked a bit old. Whatever, I can buy washers if I need them, however ... even without the washers, the screws barely fit into the inserts. Raiden has the binding disc that is two parts, bottom plastic top metal. Really really weird that the included screws barely grab even without the washers.

I'm leaving for Tahoe in the morning so I don't have time to request new screws, but was wondering if that was normal.

Kind of bummed that the binding doesn't have a lot of foward/backward options. I have more heel than toe on my boots and I did adjust the heelcup but that barely moves. Maybe a couple millimeters. It's slight and not crazy, but wished I could get my boot 100% centered. Or even slightly forward. Oh well.

The ratchets are like butter though. Great ratchets dry and warm. Let's see how they perform in the snow but so far the smoothest I've seen.

SimonB 03-22-2012 08:40 PM

no washers needed.

As for the forward/backward, I think you need to completely remove the screws. I'm not sure, been a while since I adjusted mine. I recall it didn't slide easily but there was 1/2 to 3/4 inch adjustment range.

legallyillegal 03-23-2012 01:23 AM

with raidens, the 2 screws actually dig into the metal heelcup, so just loosen until you can slide it forward or backward

jdang307 03-27-2012 02:04 PM

Thanks guys. Turns out, even with the slight set back on the bindings (a little more heel than toe) it was great on the mountain. Setup on a Coda I took it to squaw and alpine meadows. Great setup, better than the K2 Uprise on the Coda. I set the highback forward lean halfway, and when cruising (with short bursts of bombs :laugh:) it had a great response. But when setup that way, on jumps I was off balance. So at the top of the park, I set it back to zero, and was back to being balanced off jumps again. Taking it down the solitude chair on squaw, that zero highback definitely affected response, but not a whole lot.

What sucks is my back binding kept coming loose slightly. Gotta drop some nail polish or blue loctite on it.

Another thing about stance width. Thinking the stance I had on it was too long (I'm a short guy at 5'6") I brought it in one notch on the second day. oh my fucking god my left knee on the outside hurt so bad after just one run I was almost done for the day. I seriously thought I tore a ligament and the rest of my trip was shot. It hurt so bad just walking up a staircase or even standing weird made the pain unbearable. The next day I adjusted the binding back to where it was and on the first run my knee still hurt. But after 2 runs it went away. Skating to the lift still hurt, but I was fine. Never thought just one notch on the stance width would affect me like that.

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