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Dutch Ninja 08-03-2012 11:28 AM

Bindings or boots?
The story: Way back in 2008 I decided to get into snowboarding and purchase my first stick and associated gear. I got AM gear because I didnt know what type of riding I was gonna be into. I got a Capita MHT (Mind + Heart Torn), 32Lashed boots, and Burton Mission bindings. I have boarded for 3 seasons now (there were a few seasons I just couldn't ride... I was in Iraq) and progressed substantially. I love to drop steep black runs in fresh pow. If there is no pow I like to ride groomers FAST! I stay out of the parks and am mostly into Freeride. I haven't done any back country riding but if I find someone who will let me tag along I would deff be interested in it. I recently purchased a Jeremy Jones Flagship to enhance my pow riding. I plan to keep the Capita for groomer days and bust out the flagship for pow days. So to the question...

The Question: After purchasing the Flagship I realize that my boot binding combo are less than ideal for the board. I can't afford to purchase new boots and bindings so its one or the other or neither. My missions are in great shape and I intend to continue to use them on my Capita and use my new bindings (if I decide to go the binding route) just for my Flagship. My 32's probably have one more season left as I have to tighten them 2 or 3 times a day when I ride. My price range is $200 or under (slightly over 200 is acceptable).

Boots: I am looking for something I can use for riding groomers on my Capita (with my mission bindings) and my Flagship on pow days (with my mission bindings until I can afford new bindings for the Flagship). I am reluctant to buy boots because I am in Afghanistan so I can't really go into stores and try on different boots. Also, if what I order doesnt fit right by the time I get back home it will probably be to late return them. I don't wanna wait until I get home because I will miss out on the 2012 gear sales.

Bindings: The bindings will be just for the Flagship because as I already mentioned I will keep my missions for the Capita. So I am looking for bindings that are stiff, responsive, and durable. I looked at Burton Diodes but I saw reviews about issues with durability. I also looked at Flux DMCC but I couldn't find any in my price range. I was thinking maybe Bent Metal Venoms or K2 Companys. I am open to suggestions though.

Thanks for any advice you might have!!

snowklinger 08-03-2012 02:19 PM

Boots, no point, get what fits, I like 32s, sounds like they fit you. The Lashed is a great all mountain boot, but they certainly have several stiffer models.

K2 Company is a good choice, also Raiden Machine, Flux SF45 and Ride has a real bomber binding too .. Capo?... anyway I'm considering Cartels for myself for next year but I'd stay clear of the Diodes....

linvillegorge 08-03-2012 02:38 PM

If only one or the other, go for boots.

Dutch Ninja 08-03-2012 03:55 PM

I'm just really reluctant to get the boots because if they dont fit or I end up not liking them I cant return them and I am stuck with them or have to sell them at a loss on craigslist or ebay. Maybe I'll just not get either and wait until the end of this coming season to get new gear to go with my Flagship. Anyone know how my Flagship will ride with mission bindings and lashed boots or other equivalent binding boot combos? Are there usually any deals mid-way through the season? I could just ride my Capita until I can afford a new set of boots and bindings and get them mid season. I know I am gonna wanna try out the Flagship though so its inevitable that I am gonna use what I got lol.

ShredLife 08-03-2012 06:26 PM

if you can afford diodes then you can probably afford boots and bindings... i have last years diodes, only issue for me has been some shredding of the anklestrap where it rubs on my lace loops, but i am only 150lbs. (Edit: just re-read the OP and saw the $200 budget - spend that or whatever to get good boots and then worry about bindings - although those missions are not responsive at all compared to stiffer freeride bindings...)

if you are 170+ i wouldn't get them.

boots are the most important and you're really gonna want to try them on in person. if this means waiting then that's what it means.

lots of bindings will work. you will want them on the stiffer side - expect to be looking at bindings in the $200 (msrp) range. nice thing is if you can find overstock of last years stuff you can usually get a deal on bindings - typically nothing significant changes on them from year to year. flux, k2, raiden, burton, and more make stuff that will work.

stay safe out there!

wrathfuldeity 08-03-2012 08:03 PM

I have found 32's fitting and sizing to be pretty consistant (have had prion, 305, single boa and focus boa); perhaps some very minor expected tweaking and breaking in. So if the lashed works for you, just buy a stiffer/higher end model in the same size. Or get some superfeet or sole for your tired lashes.

Boots are the priority, bindings are meh. As for pow riding its more the board and technique is the priority and a stiff boot binding is nice for responsiveness but it is secondary and not particularily necessary. Imho where you need a stiff bood and tight binding interface is for high speed groomer bombing, technical billygoat, heavy chop and slop and boarderx stuff. Compaired to floating on pow its more about subtle technique and choosing your line wisely.

Extremo 08-04-2012 08:26 AM

The lashed are way too soft to rip in. Go with new boots.

Dutch Ninja 08-04-2012 11:18 AM

I guess I will just wait until I get back to get boots. I would really like to switch brands maybe to Solamon Malamutes? or perhaps Burton Driver X. Also, if I wait a few more months I will have a little more money to spend (still not enough for boots and bindings though). I liked my 32's, they were really comfy boots, but I think they just aren't stiff enough for what I want to do and frankly I am tired of having to tighten them all the damn time lol. I'm not sure that there are a lot of places to try on boots where I live (Vegas). I am pretty sure we have an REI and I think they usually have pretty good offerings. Anyone from Vegas know of any snowboard/ski stores?

ShredLife 08-04-2012 11:31 AM

getting boots from rei is pretty money - as long as you're a member you can return them.... even if you have rode them a lot.

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