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DirtyD27 11-10-2012 10:52 PM

Reflex is what?
I Ride a 2012 NS Legacy, on it I have mounted Burton Customs which I feel are a decent binding. My only complaint about them is that the screw that holds the toe cap to the fixing strap has backed out twice while boarding, luckily both times I seen the cap come off and was able to stop and pocket it and repair it. After the second time I just dabbed some lock tight on the screw and problem fixed. So with that being said. I recently took advantage of the NS "Brothers in Arms" edition Cobra and I have been contemplating what bindings to put on it. I was heavily leaning toward Union's Contact Pro, Contact and the SL. I like the light weight design, foot bed padding and high back adjustment and top strap is plush. However I keep looking at the toe cap strap of each model and can't help but envisioning this thing needing to be adjusted all the time just from looking at the design and dimensions of it. So today I went to my local board shop, North West Snowboards, (you guys are awesome btw!) to get a hands on feel of the three Union Bindings...I came home with a new set of Burton Mission w/ Reflex tech. The Mission's, reflex is awesome. I knew of the tech, but it wasn't until I actually seen it and felt it first hand that made me realize just how impressive it actually is. Allowing the binding to flex through the center virtually eliminates the dreaded "dead zone" with board flex and the toe cap on these bindings is more like a toe cup, its huge! The inside of the cup has traction much like the bottom of a shoe. Top strap is plush and soft with an Asymmetrical design to eliminate pressure points. The foot bed has got great shock absorption w/a mild canted design for toe side responsiveness. Why manufactures did not think of this tech before is beyond me, but I can't wait to mount them to the board and officially try them out. I'm supposed to receive it sometime next week. I'm sure there are a few ppl on this forum who have actual riding knowledge of these bindings and I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts both good and bad. Thank you and like they say this time of year...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :D

extra0 11-10-2012 11:30 PM

rode reflex last year and liked it...didn't feel it's a huge improvement over a standard disk, but it probably is on an ultra flexy jib deck.

I also agree burton's new toe cup is very good (just as good as rome's conformist toe strap...gotta give them credit), love the canted design and the baseplate padding is top notch.

at first, I felt the construction was cheap compared to rome and others, but you have to factor in the design is minimalistic to shave weight. Burtons are extremely light, yet exponentially stronger than they appear.

paragraphs are like reflex...they're better than not having them

jcam1981 11-11-2012 07:17 AM

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