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tokyo_dom 01-16-2013 08:09 PM

Burton Restricted Mission bindings - bad ratchets?
So after deliberation on what bindings to get to match my Burton Ambush boots (, I found an affordable set online Burton Restricted Mission bindings online, and so i went with them. I am using 2012/2013 Burton Ambush boots (Size 9) with 2012/2013 Restricted Mission bindings in size M

They arrived last night and to be honest i am quite disappointed. The supposed "perfect boot fitment" is not there; the highback is nowhere near the back of the boot (canted highback means they are at an odd angle compared to the boot); the heel cup is not exactly snug and the ankle straps appear to be on an odd angle (though they do hold the boot in)

But the biggest complaint is with the ratchets. These are my first 'decent' snowboard boots (prior to this i had 2 no-brand bindings, and some salomon speedfit bindings), and this is the first time i have not been able to decently tighten the bindings before the ratchet slips. And it makes an ugly slipping sound when it does. The toe straps seem to be the worst, and at the tightest it will go i can still lift the toe around 1cm/0.5" off the board

Is this just how 'decent' metal ratchets are supposed to be? Do other manufacturers make better ratchets?

I can already see some damage on the teeth of the straps, after having tightened the bindings twice. They were are brand spanking new but i dont see myself getting 2-3 days out of these before i need to return the straps for replacement.

Should i try and sell these and get some Ride/Union bindings before i do anymore damage?

Extremo 01-16-2013 09:05 PM

In my experience this is normal for Burton's toe ratchets and toe straps.

I find that the trick is to push down on the lever while you ratchet so it doesn't lift and skip. You have to figure out at what point the angle of the strap starts to twist to the point it starts to strip. You won't get a tight fit but at least you won't ruin the ladders anymore.

With the toe straps you will have some lift. They're meant to cap so they pull the boot back into the binding, not down to the edge the way other, more convertible straps do. With the play between the boot and the binding it really lacks response, which is why I got rid of them.

I'm a fan of Union, you won't find any of these issues to be a problem. I recommend the Force or the Atlas.

Ride are also super solid. I'd recommend the Rodeo.

Supra 01-16-2013 09:25 PM

burton has the best ratchets in the business. Were the bindings new?

Anyways, you say things like, 'the highback are no way near the boots'...did you adjust the forward lean?

You could be trying to tighten the straps too tight

tokyo_dom 01-16-2013 09:48 PM

Hmmm, perhaps i am trying for something too tight - all my bindings until now have been the oldschool over-the-toe type so i am just getting used to this toe cap thing. I just know i will get snow packed in that gap that i get (maybe thats supposed to happen?)

The bindings were brand new, all the mounting hardware was unused and there were no marks on them until i got into it :). I bought them on an Auction so it was from an individual, but it came with a valid warranty card from 24th Dec (unwanted xmas gift i guess), and the shop is near me so i am good for warranty

As for the highbacks, i guess i could adjust the forward lean. I was just expecting a "like a glove fit" since they are both burton, same season, similar level. The main reason for the gap there is the canted highback. The boot sits straight up where the highback is leaning off to the side. Even when strapped into the board, i had to use a fair bit of inwards pressure to get the boots to line up with the highback.

I think i will bring them to the shop that sold them and ask them to check if the freeplay/fitment/ratcheting is right. Perhaps i did get dodgy bindings (i noticed that the left side, toe ratchet loses traction much quicker than the other 3 ratchets - which is bad, because i ride goofy (thats the side that will get the most loosening/tightening action.

If they say the ratchets are as they are supposed to be, i think i will put them up for sale. They are only 300g lighter than my old bindings (Salomon speedfits), and they just dont feel as good as i was expecting them to (would feel ripped if i had paid the $390 that these retail for here!)

dreampow 01-16-2013 09:49 PM

No offense intended, but it sounds like you need to learn how to set up your bindings properly. If you look up on youtube you can find all the info. You may need to adjust the high back position, strap lengths and gas pedal. Or better still take them into the shop and let them set them up for you. Maybe they can check your stance too because for me the canted highbacks (cartels) are spot on when I am riding and my legs and boots are also at an angle.

Also you don't have to crank down that hard on the ratchets which are widely acknowledged to be the smoothest out there. Once you get it properly set up and spend a day riding them come back and tell us how it went.

I expect you will like them cause they are very good bindings for the money.

It is possible that you have a faulty pair (all manufacturing produces some faulty goods) but lets see once you get it set up.

jdthai 01-16-2013 09:58 PM

I was a bit worried about my new (to me) missions, the first time out.
I have been riding Flow system, so the toe ratchet was new to me.
The first couple of times, I was worried about how the toe strap skipped on me. I was worried it might not be tight enough.
After a few hours, I got used to it. It skips when it's tight. That tells me I'm ready to go. The toe ladder was a little stripped, though. I took them to my local shop. The boys there threw me some "new" straps they took off a pair of bindings they were using for parts. I threw them $20 for their troubles. The ratchet still skips, but I'm no longer worried. I've had them out several times, and have felt great on groomers and park.
Take them out and you'll see. :D

tokyo_dom 01-16-2013 10:08 PM

Thanks and no offence taken about being a noob when it comes to bindings setup. I had a few "uhh... i *think* thats right" moments while bolting these in (the bindings themselves seem to be set up for a midget shoe or something because out of the box i couldnt even get the ankle strap to ratchet on over my size 9 boots.

I will go to the shop tomorrow hopefully and see if they can help me set them up.

Supra 01-16-2013 10:48 PM

maybe throw up some pics for us? i just looked up the bindings and they should have the 2012 cartel highbacks, which were pretty straight

tokyo_dom 01-16-2013 11:03 PM

I am at work now, but these are the bindings i have:
Mission EST Snowboard Binding | Burton Snowboards

So the top of the highback is about an inch or more off-centre compared to the boot

tokyo_dom 01-16-2013 11:04 PM

oops, it was the regular baseplate model, not EST... but the highback part is identical

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