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What kind of person can remember all the time

Posted 06-25-2012 at 12:34 AM by bege

In our whole life,we will meet so many different people,but what knid of person can make you remember them forever.do you think over about this question.do you miss a person when you see the cheap coach handbags that he sent to you before.maybe everyone have the only person,no matter how long you didnít call each other,but when you see the products that he sent you before,you also will miss him very much.or when you see a person who looks like him,you also will miss him very much.I think veryone have this experience.
Or when you walk to somewhere,this place is you came together before,you also can remember him and the situation.just a coach wallet also can make you miss him very much.which people is you loved for first time,I think you will remember him forever,because you pay all of your attention to him before.so,until now,you also remember him.maybe you know you canít get together,you canít stay with each other in the future,but you also will remember him.remember he wear the gucci outlet and his coach wallet play on the ground.
Now,you have your own life,I think maybe you already forget me,and I also hope you never trouble me,because if you disturb me,just a phone,or just a message,I will miss you very much,I canít remember you all the time,I will find a new life.so,please donít make so much troubles to me.I know you also like me,you also can remember me,but we canít enjoy ourselves like before,because you also have your own life,and we have different target.you also not the people who can always talk with me,and when I feel sad,you also will sad,and you will try your best to do something to make me feel happy.and you always tell me,you must eat so many food,because you must keep your heath.but now,you donít like the sports shoes,you changed all of your styles.you like the coach handbags and the gucci bags,you becoem more mature than before.do you know,every time when you call me or you sent the message to me,I will miss you for a long time.if you donít have the important thing,I hope you donít call me or send the message to me,because I have my life,I hope I can enjoy my life,I canít miss you all the time.
I can remember evrything before,and I also can remember your words,you said to me,no matter what happen,you will care about me all the time,and you will love me all the time.you will buy the beautiful louis vuitton handbag for me evry year,then I think Iím the happiest girl in this world.but now,where are you?when I need you,I donít know where are you,and you donít call me everyday like before,you never love like before,I donít know what make you become so fast.I feel so stange.
I want to know the answer,but I also afraid to knwn it,because I donít know wether I can accept this results.but I also known the results,my best friend like you very much,and she can pay more attention to you,but me,just can pay a little attention to you,because I must study,I must make the study first.my pen not only use to write the letter to you,the most important function is to study.that resulte I really canít accept it.but I have no choice.and she is my best friend,the only one way is to break up with you.maybe this is the most sadest thing in my life,my best friend,I canít believe.you know I like him very much,and you also known we are the lover.but you also try all means to make us break up.this is a terrible situation.I wonít hate you,but I also canít forgive you,because you are my best firend,you know my character,I canít forgive the people who againest me.that girl like the chanel handbags and the michael kors handbags is my best friend,but now,she already forget me,in her heart,she just remember that boy.but that boy sent the message to me yesterday,I donít know how to reply him,I just hope you donít disturb my life,donít call me donít send the message to me in the future.
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