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We can live use this way

Posted 06-25-2012 at 12:36 AM by bege

The edge of the balcony, the city is low tide, the name of cozy nap. Coming and going of the crowd watching on the street, everyone is a sign of the times, each person who is the flagship brand. Look, the high-spirited teenager use [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/coach-handbag_c24_page2.html]coach handbags[/url] ,Feel the brand has brought him great satisfaction in the joy.In this busy city, we should stop and give yourself a rest. To our mind a vacation.
Day is the cloth on the loom, a film slide, another piece of the plug. Days are like butterflies, falling from the wall every day, turned into a powder, filled with fresh and vivid in every corner. Back on, the more years of the whip more [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/chanel-handbag_c25_page2.html]chanel outlet[/url], and is a busy one after another after another, to suppress your life. After countless "busy", you are tired physically and mentally, then sneak in, looking for a Fangning Jing's soil and water, a little rest, recover and wait for the next meet in a busy. Hard work for a week office workers, school students on the week, on weekends, we should stop the hands of the matter, give yourself a break, walk to the park, to the fishing pond to the street crazy shopping. [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/louis-vuitton-handbag_c27.html]louis vuitton handbag[/url],Then usually you what, thousands of years, people will only know how to enjoy earn more money.
Little tired, stop your walking pace it. Yourself lying on the grass, eyes closed, feeling the wind through the sound, imagine the north-south brings you all the trouble, all blew away the fatigue. And as long as you soak up the sun and enjoy the life given joy and pleasure, to play a nap. Then an easy walk to continue the journey of life. Put in a few cups of tea, the water will go with the rolling, the tea had curled under water moisture, stretch limbs, oozing a touch of green, gradually, tea lovers, and refreshing. Cup of tea, listening to a lively song, in a sunny afternoon, moving a chair on the balcony, the sun sucking the essence of the body and mind to take a nap, sneak a look at music. Have you ever felt, when a student can not afford the heavy time pressure, and ran on the pitch, take your small [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/gucci-handbag_c28.html]gucci bags[/url] enjoy the rush, that is how the free and easy, how comfortable, and this is one effective way to relieve stress.
You can adjust some small details, and accumulated a little bit of them, and slowly began to feel in the details leisurely life of the fragrance, from the open pores into the blood, and with the blood circulation in the body, so that every cell can enjoy a comfortable. These details will not disrupt the pace of your life, only occasionally slow down your pace. With a bright sun, whipped songs and melodious song of the Xiang brewing a pot of wine of heaven, and life Cheers, enjoy the feeling of a Weizui, as if the soul feels free. Wine mellow, sweet and pure potent, natural taste is the hidden life.
Tired of it? Tired? Give yourself a time to sit this one pre-trial blossom busy watching the sky or you can bring your [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/gucci-wallet_c44.html]gucci purse[/url] to the playing ground,and feel the life,you will find it is can make you fell so relax.make you become more happy,you will forget all of the things which make you sad.
For the women, And look at those women who fights every day to bring frivolous chatter. But they did not go out and enjoy life. But they did not forget to enjoy life. Every weekend, across the streets,just want to choose a thing which can suit thenseves and make then become more beautiful,they do their best to find a [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/chanel-handbag_c25_page3.html]classic chanel bag[/url],Just to give his life sweet dull luster, which is to enjoy life.
I believe that every seed is the moisture in the enjoyment of sun and rain in the pursuit of their own fruit; I believe every eagle is in the enjoyment of the vast sky thousands of miles in a pair of trained their powerful wings; I believe that each of us are enjoying the wonderful life of Chiang Kai-shek colorful dreams into life step by step to glory. One able-bodied man named who, one by one for a long time every business and gentlemen, do not let the cares of life just to follow you, stop occasionally and listen to the nagging wife, children playing, a calm to their hearts time, leisure time, with his wife stroll their favorite [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/michael-kors-handbag_c26_page3.html]michael kors purse[/url] shop, do not think they are too small gas, which is way of life. This is her take care of your whole family one way to close a bar.
Famous writer Henry David Thoreau always said to myself: 'If not born alive, I can not step on the foot of the snow to hear squeak issued; Can not smell the smell of wood burning, the night can not see the love light in people's eyes, but also can not enjoy because of his efforts to bring the joy of success ... ... ... to live in the world, is a lucky thing ah! Why do not I am the door of life to enjoy, every day? A spiritual enrichment, physical and mental health, harmony and happiness of the people, must be people who will enjoy life. Everyone should learn to enjoy life. There are too many problems in life we need to face, there is too much pressure to bear the burden, of course, we need a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. But if you enjoy a heart to face, you will be very happy life. Need not be extravagant to enjoy life, even if only a pair of [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/chanel-handbag_c25.html]chanel handbags[/url], just make the children feel their parents care that is enough.
Does not necessarily make good business, not necessarily the cause of all to life. But the ideal of a career, is the most promising career: life together in the ideal, is the most satisfying life. We had to learn to share their own dynamic, in the busy working lives to steal a little time to dress up, moisten themselves, develop their own to meet their own. Do not just his own busy career, but has missed the scene around the wonderful scene, men also need a zoom and the rest of the time, not to cause to live, let the youth to pass up, this is more harm than good things, We need to cause, but we need a healthy body. So, sometimes, we also need to remove the burden of life, take your [url=http://www.coachandpurse.com/coach-handbag_c24_page3.html]coach bags[/url] and go hiking with your family and enjoy the feeling of being closed touched, embraced with nature to enjoy the taste, forget life The offensive, remove stress in your life, enjoy.
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