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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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End of Season Redux

Posted 04-07-2013 at 06:48 PM by Donutz
Updated 10-08-2013 at 02:14 PM by Donutz

Well, this year sucked. OK, I'll admit, snowboarding is like sex -- even when it's disappointing it's still pretty damned good. But still -- this year sucked. We had the late start. Then we had a fantastic December which made it look like the rest of the season would be a great one. Unfortunately, most of the snowfall for the entire season happened in December. Our usual major March dumps just never materialized. I never thought I'd actually live to say this, but I think the 09/10 season was better! And in any case, all the crap involved with the house sale and purchase took a lot of time and energy away, and even caused me to miss a couple of weekends entirely.

There were a couple of good things this year -- the meet-ups at Cypress and Baker being the tops of the list. Nothing like riding with better riders to put me in my place , although it also gave me some direction on what to work on. I have a lot better perspective on what advanced snowboarding probably is now.

This was the year of the new Mystery high-speed quad chair. Now that was all good news. Lived up to all the hype, and somehow managed to not increase the traffic on the mountain. Woot! I guess a small downside of it was that with the decreased rest time on the lift, I kept running out of gas. So on the list of goals for next year -- be in better condition going into the season.

Having my wife miss a month and a half of the season with her shoulder/rib injury didn't help matters at all either. With her pushing for Friday evening sessions the previous season, I got a lot more total mountain days in.

So, time to review my list for the year.

Stop being so cautious
I'd have to call this one a failure, except maybe a little towards the end. That tailbone injury last year really haunted me, as well as my abdominal pull at the beginning of this season. And having hardpack to deal with most of the season didn't help. I'm pretty sure I'm over it now, and should be able to attack it right off the bat next season.

Learn to hit the northlands jumps properly and dependably, without knuckling every other time.
Never did hit the Northlands jumps. Part of that is because the Seymour park crew supplied a really great beginner line off Young Guns. Another reason is my overly cautious attitude this season. Next year I have to start hitting everything that's available as soon as it's available. Accept that the Seymour park crew is going to build stuff then mow it down within a week or two. Use it while it's there.

Do street-style boxes
I don't remember seeing a single street-style box on Seymour all year. I'm sure I'm wrong on that, but nothing specific comes to mind. Instead they had those big green pipes. Honestly, I probably could have tried one of those pipes. Should have.

Do rails
Yes and no. Did a beginner rail on Cypress, but never did one on Seymour. Does that count?

Get 180's-at-will nailed
Nope. I worked on 180s, but I wouldn't call them at-will yet.

Learn 360s on small jumps

Do Devil's Drop, and all other runs on Seymour comfortably
Everything except Devil's Drop, and not really comfortable on some of the blacks.

Ground tricks.
Worked on a couple of minor items, but I'd have to call this one a miss as well.

Become completely comfortable with switch.
I did pretty good with this one. It'll always need more work of course, but I feel pretty good about it.

Perfect ollies and nollies and penguin walk.
Incremental improvements. This will come with time.

A Tame Dog would be nice
Pffft. Not even close.

So, in summary, I really screwed the pooch this year as far as the list is concerned. Nevertheless, I feel like I made progress in a lot of areas -- just not on the items on the list. Instead I improved my steeps handling, my ability to handle straightlining at speed, my tree-run handling, and my stability with drops and jumps and such.

For next year, I'm planning on buying a new Proto HD, which is much more of a freestyle board and if nothing else will be way better for ollies and butters. Gotta say, the Heritage is a lot of work in those areas. I've also got a new set of boots (Thirty Two Focus double boas) that are a lot stiffer than my Jacksons. And I've bought a new set of Rome Targas for the Proto. And I'll likely go for a 157 so I'll get a little more maneuverability.

In the interim, I'm going to work on my conditioning, and I'm going to go back to trampoline lessons. If I can find a bounce board, I'll work on the trampoline on that as well. I'm going to get that balance board that they have at the gym at work and make a point of working on that. And if I can arrange it, I'm going to work with my snowboard on the grass (and possibly on a balance beam).

If I'm going to have fun next year, I have to take this seriously!!
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    Well, I've bought the Proto and I've set up the Targas on it. Initial impression is that it's a lot more flexible and lively than the Heritage -- which is what I was hoping.

    On the conditioning subject, I didn't go back to tramp lessons or set up a new balance beam, and I'm only just starting to run and work out again. Bad year for that, I'm afraid.
    Posted 10-08-2013 at 02:21 PM by Donutz Donutz is offline
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