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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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Posted 12-12-2010 at 01:35 PM by Donutz

Well, the weather predictions on and were certainly on the money. I went up Seymour this morning, and left after about an hour and a half. Fuck, it was bad! Pouring rain -- the aggressive kind of rain that goes at you like you're in a cage match -- and fog, with 6 degree temps. It doesn't matter how good your clothing is, after a certain point you feel like you just climbed out of a swimming pool with all your clothes on. And of course this was resulting in "sponge snow" -- you know, the kind of snow where you pick up a handfull and squeeze it and water comes out. Stuff was hard, too! I did a small jump on Mushroom bowl and when I landed it felt like I'd landed on concrete. Of course, there was probably only a couple of inches of snow over hard ground by this point

Interestingly, although the temp was 6 degrees (celcius) as mentioned above, I was still cold without my jacket liner because the water pouring off you is very efficient at sucking body heat.

I changed my goggle lens to the light yellow one which is supposed to be good for foggy conditions. Didn't help, though. I needed a lens with a windshield wiper built in for this mess.

I found a box in the beginner park that wan't horrible. No lead-up jump, very little slope to it, nice and wide. But because of the meltage, the drop-off at the end was a little drastic. I'll remember that box for Tuesday though. With a little less drop at the end and a little more fluffy stuff to protect my ass, I think I'll be ready to hit that one.

I did spend a little time on Chuck's Place trying to practice riding switch. Didn't do well, though. Between the rain, fog, crappy ungroomed snow surface, I just couldn't get anything going.

All in all, a lousy day for boarding.
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