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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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2011-01-25 Mostly bleah

Posted 01-26-2011 at 11:48 AM by Donutz
Updated 01-26-2011 at 09:46 PM by Donutz

I did manage to get to Seymour last night. It was a cruddy night, with a constant light rain. I did one run down Mystery and that was enough of that. Went to the bunny slope to do techniques.

Frontside tailpress butter spins are coming along, although as Nev says in the vid, don't expect to be the king at it overnight. I tried a backside spin once, but it didn't go well. No biggie, just need to spend time at it.

Also continued to work on ollies while moving. It's interesting that they're so much harder as soon as you're sliding down a slope instead of standing there. Must be psychological. I did manage to hit a couple that felt right, so I'm just about at that cusp where it suddenly comes together. I tried ollying up onto a side hit a couple of times, as that's a technique you really need in the park. It didn't go as bad as I expected it to, but I ended up turning up the side instead of landing parallel to the run, so I need to work on that a bit.

My big advance for the evening was tail press to frontside 180. That's a lot of name for essentially a very simple move. It's more of a trick than a practical move when done that way though, because you end up landing in switch tailpress, which isn't really a stable way to ride. What I'm really trying for is ollie to 180, but my ollies simply aren't there yet. Close though.

I think that as long as I feel like I advance in some way, a session isn't a complete waste of time and doesn't get the unhappy face.

Couple of other miscellaneous items...

I started the evening riding the Ride. It's a nice board, but I don't think I can really use it until I replace the bindings. The Missions are just too small. Need the next size up.

I tried going into the park, but between the darkness (it's not that well lit) and the constant drizzle fogging up my goggles, I couldn't see well enough to set anything up with any confidence. I did find that jump at the bottom of Mushroom Bowl, which is a kind of a step-up (the landing is higher than the jump) so I think it's a good jump to play on. Next time.
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    I'm glad you update your blog a good bit. It seems like youre just about where I am in regards to ground techniques. I'm working on my ollies and presses right now too. I'm a little disappointed that I can't flex my board too much, but feel pretty comfortable to do FS rotations. I"m up to 270 right now.

    Keep updating! I'd like to follow your progress
    Posted 02-02-2011 at 09:20 PM by Tachypsychia Tachypsychia is offline
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