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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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2011-03-06 Jump day!

Posted 03-07-2011 at 11:17 AM by Donutz

Yesterday (Sunday) was one of my longest days on the mountain. I took the bus in the morning, so I got there a little bit after 8:30 opening. My family came up in the late afternoon for some evening skiing, and we left about 7:30. So an 11-hour day. Pretty tired.

It was an odd day weather-wise. It was sunny and clear first thing in the morning, but started snowing like crazy around 10am. It then cleared up again about noon, then started snowing again in the afternoon -- but this time while continuing to be sunny.

The snow was certainly welcome and necessary. The snow base was snowcrete where runs had been groomed, and ice otherwise. I tried Cabin Trail twice. Bad idea. It was still a blasted ruin of a landscape, but the whole thing, including ski and snowboard tracks, had been frozen into place. All but impossible to turn, and all but impossible to stop. The board would just skid out. I'm remembering Cabin Trail for better days, but without fresh snow it's a no-go.

My ollies are getting much better. I read a bit of advice on the forum that I've been missing -- that you should start by going forward on your board before going back and pulling up the nose. Also start lower into a crouch. I'll try both of those next time.

For some reason, I couldn't do a shuffle to save my life yesterday. Seem to have lost the technique. Or maybe I was just tired. Needs practice.

I continue to have problems with my switch riding when it gets a little steep or bumpy. I'm fine on gentle greens. Still, need to be able to be in control at all times.

I got backside 360 butters working. Not well, and I did quite a few pratfalls in the process (impact shorts help a little, but I'm still pretty sore), but I'm able to get the spin way better than I could when I was starting frontsides. So I'm pretty happy about that. And I was able to pull some ad-lib frontside spins in a couple of random places as well, like near the bottom of unicorn where it flattens out just before joining up with Chuck's. That felt pretty good. I've got to work on the 270 out still.

The big news for the day though was that the park crew built a new jump on Mushroom. It's right at the bottom of the park, just before the drop-off. And it's a proper ramp-and-knuckle step-down. I'd say maybe 10-15 feet. In addition, there's a 5-10 foot step-up jump at the bottom of the drop-off, just where it goes up the other side of the alley. I spent most of the day hitting those two features. The nice thing about the first jump is that you have to get full speed up in order to clear the knuckle, so I wasn't able to do my usual chicken-out speed-checking. And the landing is steeper than the Northlands jumps -- actually on par with the Nike jumps, which are pretty brutal. Good practice for getting desensitized to the speed and steepness. The step-up at the bottom is nice and mellow and you don't get a lot of loft, so it's perfect for practicing 180's.

I played with the idea of hucking a 360, but just never got up to it. I also never got around to hitting the down-box. It was right there, but it was always so busy. Actually, the whole mountain was damned busy all day. Line-ups on Mystery started about 10am and didn't abate until after 3pm. So I didn't get a lot of opportunity to hit the upper runs. However when I did, I discovered that Boomerang is an excellent option.

They've rebuilt the jumps on Northlands, with two different sized jumps on the upper roller. The smaller one is right up my alley, but the run-up is amazingly deep, with a steep approach up the ramp. Maybe a little too much so. I saw several people speed-check a little too much and barely make it to the lip.

Anyway, all in all a pretty good day. But I definitely need to get out on a weekday to really make the day worthwhile.

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