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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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2011-03-12 Insert foghorn sound here

Posted 03-12-2011 at 05:32 PM by Donutz

What a crap day. This is one of only a couple of days this season where I've just given up and gone home.

I got to the mountain at the usual time, and it was snowing which is always a good sign. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there, and not in a good way. For starters, a pea-soup fog that was pretty much everywhere. Second, the snow was really ice pellets -- basically soft small hail. And third, Seymour park crew have been setting up for yet another stupid Monster Park competition and have been giving little or no attention to the runs and park features that us normal mortals use. So I couldn't see where I was going, and even if I could it was in crap shape. Yeesh.

I tried Manning, I tried Northlands, I tried Unicorn, I tried Chucks. All crap. The few views I was able to get of the jumps on Northland and Chucks showed them ungrooomed and unfixed. Most of the features had been yanked from Mushroom for the aforementioned stupid competition, and hadn't been set up yet so I couldn't even go find them on Northlands and use them. And oh yeah, the nice new jump on Mushroom that I gushed about last week? Gone. Of course.

Finally, I decided to go to my old standby -- build a small hit on Goldie and just practice small jumps all day. No luck. Some park nazi intercepted me and shut me down. The only upside to it was that I had a fairly lengthy (and civilized) conversation with a ski patrol guy about the shortcomings of Seymour's support for beginner/intermediate jumps. He said he'd talk to management about it and he might actually do so.

But that was pretty much it. They yanked my last resort. Gone home.

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