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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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Transfer from (part 1)

Posted 05-09-2011 at 10:26 AM by Donutz is getting deader and deader, so I've decided to copy my old blog posts from there before the site shuts down completely.

Oct 11, 2010
New stuff!
Got some new stuff for the new season (well, new to me anyway). I bought a slightly used Ride Havoc and some not-used NXT-ATs. The board came with Burton Mission bindings, which I've removed and boxed. Guess I'm going to have to get rid of the Salomon CForce bindings. 4 sets of bindings for 2 boards is a bit much.
Down to 51 days, by the way. says it might be snowing on Seymour today. Certainly the freezing level is down to where it was last winter for most of the season.

Oct 1 2010
New season coming up
Well, here we are, counting down the days to the beginning of the season. 61 as of today, if you're interested.
I sold my K2 Brigade board with the K2 Cinch bindings this fall. I just never really fell in love with the board. For all that the Morrow Lithium is a bottom-end board, it really had more control than the K2. I've got the money in the bank, and saving more -- gonna get a good board this time -- No extruded-base stuff for me!

Apr 10, 2010
Grouse Mountain Day
A friend of mine gave me a free pass to Grouse Mountain, so I took Friday off and went up to see what's what. I haven't been up Grouse (except in the summer) for over 30 years, and back then there was only skiing. The place has changed a lot. They've not only replaced the old two-seaters with high-speed quads, they've also changed the location of the lifts. The old Blueberry chair is gone, and there's a chair going right up to the Peak. They've opened a lot of new runs down from the Peak to Blueberry bowl, pretty much all black diamonds.
So, how was it? Well, pretty crappy actually. The snow was like concrete. Not ice, not what you get when it melts and refreezes. More like what you get when you run a compacter over it a few times. How they managed that with 2-3 feet of new snow having fallen in the last couple of days is beyond me.
And the runs were frankly boring. The only run that had any kind of interesting topography was the paper trail, which used to be a trail through the trees, but has been widened into something like Pete's Run on Seymour. If the snow had been good, that would have been a fun run. All the other runs were just wide and featureless.
Having this reaction, I had to ask myself if I was just being a creature of habit and trashing Grouse because it's not what I'm used to. But I didn't have this reaction with Manning. That is a great place and I'd go back any time. But they have good snow.
So, it's back to Seymour for me, for now. Next season I'll try out some other mountains.

Mar 31 2010
Manning was great (mostly)
Just got back from 4 days up at Manning Park. We stayed at a cabin at Manning Resort. Two bedroom, full kitchen. There's a free shuttle to and from the mountain that runs every half hour. Lift passes half price if you have a season's pass from another mountain that has a reciprocal agreement -- and Seymour qualifies.
On Monday we had whiteout conditions and the orange chair was closed due to wind, but other than that it was a great 4 days. On Monday and Tuesday I discovered that 16 inches of new snow requires a whole different set of skilz to navigate. Hoooooly crap! And not once in those four days did I have to wait for more than about 30 seconds on the lift line.
I brought my Garmin to track a couple of runs. I'm not particularly good or very daring, but I still managed to hit almost 40 mph on several spots on the runs. I thought it just *felt* fast.

Mar 23 2010
There will be fun!
Going up to Manning this weekend for 4 days of straight boarding. I am stoked! It's effectively the last hurrah at the end of the season, but a nice way to finish.

Mar 7 2010
Got new bindings
I bought some K2 Cinch bindings today for real cheap (End of season sales -- whoo-hoo!). I've put them on my new board. And since the weather gods apparently heard my plea (read: tantrum) and are busily dumping new snow on the local mountains, I may actually get to try out the setup tomorrow night.
In principle, the Cinch should be better than the Flow, with the same quick-entry convenience. The problem I keep running into with the Flow bindings is that the straps constantly need to be readjusted. The Cinch straps are more like a regular buckler, except that once the straps are set you don't have to move them. We'll see.

Mar 6 2010
Manning again
Went to Manning today, for the second weekend in a row. Before doing so, I swapped my bindings on my boards. So I'm going up the chair, and I look down and realize I not only set up my bindings goofy, but I set the board up tail-first. Hm, that's not gonna work so well. Fortunately, I have one of those pocket screwdrivers on hand.
Some girl hurt her leg pretty bad coming off the chair. I think she fell and pinwheeled with only one foot in the binding. I was two chairs back from her, and ended up sitting on the chair close to 10 minutes while the operator decided what to do. On that subject (well, not really) there was a brief discussion a while back about whether stomp pads are worth getting. Having spent half of today (and all last weekend) without one before finally breaking down, I have to say I really appreciate them. Makes it so much easier to control your board with only one foot in.
Interesting thing I noticed today. Somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of people at Manning are skiers. This is almost completely opposite to what I see on Seymour. Weird.
Anyway, I spent most of the day on runs that were outside my comfort level. As a result, I fell a lot today. I'm pretty sore right now. On the other hand, it felt really good to be trying some of that sh*t.
I think we're going again next week. The local weather forecast is for snow this week, but we'll have to see how much.

Mar 1 2010
Went to Manning Park yesterday for a day of boarding. I can understand why Manning is in receivership -- their signage is terrible. How are you supposed to make money if people can't find the place, and once finding it, can't find the freakin' ticket booth? And once finding that, can't find a map of the runs?
I gotta admit though, once I got done frothing at the mouth and hopping from one foot to the other, the boarding was pretty damned good. It's a far more challenging mountain than Seymour, and the runs are nice and long. Makes you appreciate the chair ride. Oh, and did I mention they have actual snow?
We got a 50% discount on lift tickets because we have season's passes at Seymour (nice deal). I'll definitely go again, now that I know where the stuff is. If you're living anywhere in the lower mainland or area, Manning is definitely a good alternative to Whistler, and way cheaper. And with the Canada/USA gold medal final on TV, the place was deserted.
There were signs up everywhere telling the public to NOT tell the staff the score in the hockey game. Several signs said "You tell us the score, we take your pass". I think they were DVRing the game. (Psssst. We won!) [insert bad dancing here]
I got a chance to try out my new K2 board. I had transferred my Flow bindings to the new board, and put my old strap-ins on the Morrow. The Lithium is pure downhill board, very assymetrical, with a significant setback on the mounting holes. The K2 Brigade is more of a combination board, with only a 1" setback and almost symmetrical. And, it seems, with detuned edges. And I'm a downhiller, not a park rat. So by the end of the day, I decided I like the Morrow better. Hey, I gave the K2 a full day, I was well and truly used to the new board, but I'm sorry -- I like the Morrow's significantly superior ability to carve. The K2 tends to chatter, especially on hard heel-side turns. The Morrow so far has taken the hardest turns I've thrown at it. Kind of ironic, since the K2 is a more expensive board, but I guess the point is to have a board that matches up to your riding style. I'll use the K2 at Seymour where thre are more features and little trails to bash through, but for the big wide steep runs, the Morrow is my choice.
Since I'd brought both boards, I also got a chance to try the old Salomon bucklers side by side with the Flows (so to speak). If there's a difference, it's swamped by the differences between the boards. As far as I'm concerned, the reputed mushiness of the Flow 5's is just myth. And I can't count the number of times I've come off the chair, glided up beside a group of boarders buckling in, kicked in my back foot without even coming to a full stop, and glided off to muttered curses behind me. Warms the heart, it does.
Anyway, temper tantrums aside, it was a great day.

Feb 21 2010
End of season sales are starting!
Like the title says. Now mind you, if you live out east the season's probably just getting interesting, but here on the wet coast we're well into spring skiing and boarding, and not much left of that! Local shops are trying to move out their winter merchandise before the snow disappears entirely.
I just picked up a brand new K2 Brigade for half price today. So if you've got any kind of a budget, get out there and stock up for next season!

Feb 21 2010
Learning to wax and repair my board
Considering the conditions on the mountain this year (heinous), you need to wax just about every time you're going up. So, I bought the wax, a used iron (Value Village, $6), read a few blog posts, and went for it. That worked, so today I went and bought some p-tex sticks and fixed the Grand Canyon of hacks on my base. Not so hard, actually...
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