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I am not a pro boarder. In fact I am a very late fan of the sport. This is more a diary than anything else, although comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try to keep track of how I do (and what I do) from season to season; what works and what fails; and how I improve over time.
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Kind of an odd day

Posted 01-14-2013 at 09:34 PM by Donutz

I woke up this morning to SNOW in my back yard, with more coming down. This was totally unexpected, as even as late as yesterday there was no mention of this. Alas, when I got to the mountain I discovered that we were getting far more snow in the city than on the mountain. Argh! On the plus side, the temps have come up since the other day to the point where the snow is snow again (at least the first inch or two) instead of concrete. Not saying it was great, just an improvement.

Nevertheless, it was too hard for all-out charging around and it was foggy again, so I was in the process of getting kind of bummed. Instead I decided to work on techniques and switch riding. That actually ended up working out quite well. By the time I left today I was making real progress.

I started by making a point of doing an ollie or two on every run. I would start each run on Mushroom, either doing spins or hitting the rollers. I eventually graduated from the spins to a frontside tail butter. When hitting rollers, I started doing 180s on the first one, but I wasn't quite ready to do the second 180. I even managed a couple of bad sameways. I also hit the first box fairly regularly. I noticed today that I have the same tendency come off the box heavily heelside as with landing jumps.

Once through the park I tried to do the rest of Chucks riding switch as much as possible.

Anyway, all techiques showed significant improvement in just the one session, so with 2 weeks vacation I should be able to really get this aced. Maybe even get the other butter variations, linked 180s, and pretzels.

All in all, ended up being a pretty good day.
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