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Posted 02-21-2012 at 09:58 PM by NWBoarder

Yep, that's what I rode on Saturday night, and damn it was oh-so-good. There was so much powder. SO MUCH. It was fan-fucking-tastic. If you can't tell yet, I'm still stoked on it, and it was 3 days ago now. It was just that good.

The night started with a trip towards Snoqualmie to go check out the Red Bull Third Shift comp that was about to go down. That plan was shot down though when we found out that the Interstate to get to the hill was closed due to accidents and snow. Since we were already half way there, and really wanting to get out and ride some powder, we went to Stevens Pass instead. Best. Choice. Ever.

By the time we got there, it was puking snow, and had been all day and night. The stoke level rose to levels of unmanageable proportions. It was time to shred! And shred we did. The pow was deep, and fluffy, and forgiving. Right out of the gate I knew the night was going to be crazy good, even if we only had 2 and a half hours to ride. Oh boy was I right. On our first lift ride up we picked out a bunch of rollers, lips, and cliffs that we wanted to hit. Then we promptly got lost and disoriented after unloading. So we found a bunch of other stuff to go play on, and then managed to find our way back to the lift we originally rode up.

The rest of the night we found our way into all of the zones that we wanted to. Rollers were boosted, cat tracks were ollied over, cliffs were dropped and pow was buttered. And this was all inbounds. It was puking so hard that everytime we'd take a lap, our tracks would be filled back in by the time we made it back to the top. It was by far the best night of the season so far. Also, in the 2 and a half hours taht we were there, my car went from bare to about 8 inches of fresh on it. It was seriously dumping. It also made for a bit of a hairy ride in and out. Of course, my little Geo knows how to make the snow it's bitch.

And then there was Sunday. I didn't ride, but a lot of people did. And unfortunately, 4 people did not ride home. 3 were lost at Stevens in a big Avalanche, and 1 was lost at Alpental in an avalanche. Then yesterday and today has been a massive rain event. Supposedly the rain will stop and the snow will start again sometime tomorrow morning. I hoe they're right cause I have my final night of instructing tomorrow and I would love for it to be on fresh snow, not in the rain. Anyway, stay safe out there folks. The mountain doesn't care if you have a family waiting for you at home or not.
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