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Aptly named because the first few nights on the slopes I was completely covered in snow from falling every which way. I could lay down and no one could see me. I'm no common blogger but would like to chart my progress from a new snowboarder to next season where I hope to get on the ASU Snowboarding Team and travel around for races and boardercross.
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2-5-2011 Shred for the Cup Big Air Event

Posted 02-06-2011 at 04:26 PM by Tachypsychia

Last night was the shred for the cup series' first event: Big Air. App Ski hosted it and I thought it took place between 4-7. Apparently that was preregistration and the event began at 7. I went around the slopes a few times, trying out the jumps and FS 180s. I am so much more comfortable landing a FS buttered pretzel going 270* and landing regular than an ollie to switch. I just dont feel rigth about it yet which means I need to practice more. I hit the jumps fine but the landing zones were pretty beat up and I'd land after hitting a death cookie or an icy patch a few feet after my landing. One guy must have broke something there because they had to sled him down the mountain.

The big air event was pretty good, with a decent turn out. The beginner class did jumps and 360s for the most part, and even some intermediates. The intermediates did a lot of grabs and smooth rotations, and even saw a skier do a cork.

After the two classes went they moved to the bigger jump for the advanced class. I was really surprised to see the guys pulling off 900*s and double corks. Most of their runs they couldnt stick the landing, but that ice was packed in hard, and they only had about 30 minutes to practice before the event started. Counting time to get back up the hill and they might have had 3 runs a piece. I didnt bring the camera but wish I did. With the lighting I'd probably have nothing but blurs though honestly.

After the event I went around the slopes a bit more, but for some reason the toe caps on my bindings kept slipping. IN the front my whole foot would shift left or right in the binding, and on the rear foot it would pop off above or below my boot. It was really annoying because the terrain parks were packed and I'd have to wait a good 5 minutes to drop in and try my hand at a jump. When it got my turn the back binding fell off on a small jump and I knew better than to try a bigger one when I didn't feel right.

I also learned that even though my board doesnt flex much, I can get good pop out of it if I do an ollie fast, or do a press quickly. It's still difficult do do them while moving, but I'll pull a couple down the blue runs to get a feel for them.

Tonight going to rest up a bit and tomorrow I'll spend about 4 hours on the slopes trying on presses and the jumps.
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