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jewelsca611 12-08-2013 05:21 PM

Advice on the Right Board
I've been snowboarding for 4 years and now I want to find the right board for me (one that I can use for a while and get better with.) I've only begun looking into the different kinds of snowboards so I would like some advice on what I should get.

I ride groomed blue squares and black diamonds (the only "park" I ever do is jumps now and then) so I think I'm looking for a Women's Intermediate to Advanced All-Mountain Freeride snowboard. Through the "research" I've done on snowboards I think one with a directional (or semi-directional) shape, a camber profile, and a medium flex would be right for me. I'm 5' 4" so 143 to 147 is the length range I'm looking at.

A few boards I've looked at are:

Burton Feelgood ICS Snowboard - Womens (On Sale Burton Feelgood ICS Snowboard - Womens up to 50% off) This one only comes in the length 156 :( But it has everything else that I want (plus the sale price is AMAZING!)

Burton Feelgood Snowboard - Womens 2014 (On Sale Burton Feelgood Snowboard - Womens 2014) Would I be able to handle the stiffness?

Rossignol Justice Amptex Snowboard 145 - Womens (On Sale Rossignol Justice Amptek Snowboard 145 - Womens up to 40% off) Is the Hybrid Amptek All-Mountian Camber what I'm looking for? Is Rossignol a good brand for snowboards?

DC Ply Snowboard - Womens 2014 (On Sale DC Ply Snowboard - Womens 2014) Is this DC board one that will last me for a long time?

Overall I'm just looking for a women's board that will help me go fast, carve hard, and progressively get better with on groomed runs.

Do you have any idea about what would be right for me? Like I said, I've only been looking into snowboard design for a little while now, so I hope I didn't get any of this information incorrect.


Dunskap 12-08-2013 06:55 PM

Not to be that guy, but what is your weight? It's more important than height for sizing

I don't know much about women's boards but how about the Diva?

Rossigonol Diva

2012 store link | 2013 store link

jewelsca611 12-08-2013 07:30 PM

Oh, it's fine. I'm about 120 pounds. And the Rossignol Diva does seem nice, I'll definitely consider it.

Lamps 12-08-2013 08:39 PM

At 120 lbs you should get a 144 or 149 Feelgood per Burton's charts. The 156 is too long.

To save $ look for last years feelgood.

In my family 3 women ride the feelgood, two girls and my wife. It's a great board, would suit you for years.

jewelsca611 12-08-2013 09:25 PM

Thank you!

Nein11 12-08-2013 11:14 PM

Yes Rossignol makes a good board but I dont know anything about the Justice. Burton Feelgood is always a solid choice. Dont know anyone who rides, nor have I seen many reviews on DC boards.

Just got a pretty good deal for my wife at Evo on a 12/13 Ride Farah you might wanna look at. It comes with high praise from Neni another female poster on this board who is about your size and riding style. The graphics look way better in person. They still have them in 144, 47 and 50

jewelsca611 12-09-2013 02:55 PM

Thanks! I'll definitely check the Ride Farah out:)

neni 12-09-2013 03:18 PM

+1 for the Farah :D
It was recommended to me by Nivek, got it at the end of last season actually as groomer board but did ride it the last three days mostly in fresh (it was an awsome spring over here :)). Nice light footed board. You can cruise it if you want to relax or ride it fast; it caves well, did perform good in the fresh and I honestly loved to ride it in moguls (which are pita with my other board). Very nice all day all mountain board.


Originally Posted by Nein11 (Post 1321105)
Just got a pretty good deal for my wife at Evo on a 12/13 Ride Farah you might wanna look at.

Did you get it out already? Does she like it?

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