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dent 12-10-2013 11:16 AM

Sizing up a Burton Nug... Your experience requested
Time for something short and playful. I'm coming from a 162 Wide camber (which i dont know if i sized properly to begin with). I don't do a lot of park but usually breeze through and play a bit at the end of my runs. Nothing substantial. Not out west so Powder days are rare. I do Mainly some bombing, some woods, some moguls (all my friends are skiers).

168-175lb (street clothes) 6ft size 11.5-12 Boot and Large Cartel bindings
Looks like i fall between the 146 and 150cm
146cm 150cm
860mm 900mm
254mm 255mm
15.8mm 16.5mm
5.88m 6.16m
530mm 530mm
285.5mm 287.9mm
285.5mm 287.9mm
1035mm 1075mm
130-180 150-200LBS
M/Large Large

I've only had one board for the past 7 years and its time to change it up becasue i beat the snot out of it. Probably grab a nice longer board in a few years. That being said i'm not super in tune with riding all the different sizes and how they feel.

Any input on where I should be size wise or what difference to expect between the two? Size up doesn't seem to affect the width much but wondering what would suit me better. I'm assuming bombing would benefit the 4cm (to an extent) but short and light is also nice. I'm torn between going really short (146) since i've still got my 162 but i dont want it to be a mess on the mountain because i highly doubt i'll drag 2 boards in a day.

Any experience or opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

dent 12-11-2013 09:01 AM

Bumpity Bump.

Anyone demo different sizes last year?

Lamps 12-11-2013 10:53 AM

I vote for the shorter one, you don't need the float in powder since it's rare. Nug is all about being short, might as well size it to get the maximum nugified experience.

I think your current board is probably too long subject to the usual caveats about it depends on the board etc.

You will find it night and day different. Big fun.

dent 12-11-2013 11:03 AM

Thanks for the input. Is being towards the top of the range is going to make this floppy on me? still want to take this thing everywhere.

Yeah i've got the 162W burton king

Burton King Snowboard |

It def could be shorter. Got it at a steal when i was still pretty new and just kind of guessed with sizing.


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