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JanerCO 01-04-2009 07:38 PM

Replace my '98 board?
So here is my dilemma...
I have a 1998 K2 Comet (157) that I've used maybe a total of 10 times over the many years. I've now committed to go often and get good at this (live in CO, have season pass, going about weekly this season). I'm at the carving on greens and slowly linking my turns on easier blues level of boarding.

Would a new board make it easier/better/more fun? $ isn't really an issue, but I'd rather not spend it if this good ol' board will suffice for a few more seasons...

If I should get one, what would be a good one? Is the 157 too long for me? I doubt I'll be getting into any park stuff this season, but I may want to try it eventually. I'm female, 5'8" 140lbs, will be riding mainly powder/packed powder with occasional ice around here

Would love any advice! Thanks!

JRD 01-04-2009 08:21 PM

I think your board is a good length. Im 160lbs and ride a 154. But a 157 isnt too bad. What I have noticed, (and Im no expert) but boots and bindings made the biggest impact on my riding performance. At a level of expierence such as you and me, we won't really notice a drastic change in rideability from what board we use until we get some more mountain time. I rode my friends Burton Royale and my K2 Union back to back and noticed no difference in my performance, where a more skilled rider would notice. Keep the board for a bit longer and maybe use that money to get you some boots that fit you good if you dont already have a pair. Thats my .02 But like I said Im new to this sport too. Just giving you the same advice people have given me and from what I've noticed in the little time I have been riding.

SpringheelJack 01-04-2009 08:30 PM

I don't know any good women's boards, but I can say that if you're willing to spend the money, then a new board will definitely make it easier to learn and help your riding. There's been a lot of 'advances' in snowboard the last ten years, not to mention that a ten year old board that you probably didn't stow away very carefully is probably the worse for wear for it. And at your weight I would probably go a few cms shorter, I ride a 157 as a 160 lbs male, and I could stand to shave a few cms off. 153 or so should be a good length. Look at last season's boards, and you'll save a lot of money.

But I second the above post on getting boots first. Go to a shop and try on every boot in sight until they kick you out. Whatever fits best, get it. You want a boot that's as tight as possible without being uncomfortable.

jmacphee9 01-04-2009 08:53 PM

i tend to like a shorter board as well. im 5'7 165 i ride a 154 for my all mountain deck and i like it..a womens board would be ideal, they have softer flexes and whatnot, and you can get a real good board for cheap if you look around especially for a womens board.

JanerCO 01-05-2009 09:51 AM

Thanks everyone! I got a new boot/binding set up last year (Solomon)and they definitely helped a ton. The original set-up was a horrific step-in binding/hard boot combo that gave me the worst toe cramps ever!
I think I'm going to get the new board. Like SpringheelJack said, it was not taken care of at all over the 10 years, so the tune-up would probably cost more than I want to spend on such an old board.

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