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idletimes 12-10-2013 10:13 PM

Riders Choice 13 vs TRS 13vs Attack Banana 13
Just like everyone else, want to buy one of them, I'm stuck with deciding which one is best for me. I was reading forum then I couldn't decide then I decided not on the board I bought but opening a new thread:)

I can consider myself as 5 year old advanced snowboarder. I like high speed (I will use it also in races between universities) which takes me away from skate banana, I've read the reviews like its not very stable at high speeds. The board I will buy should be stable at high speeds,carving performance should be good, but also I want my board to be little more playful, I like ground tricks jibbing switching etc, thats why I didn't go for t rice pro. I like jumps from ramps, and tricks such as 360. Rail and boxes aren't ''must'' for me. I know they all can't be met by same board, but I'm trying to find the optimum.

good ride shows TRS better than RC. But people don't tell the difference, besides, there is a huge fan group of RC here :)

*These are all '13 boards from outlets.

There is the other issue, I am 150lbs and 5' 8'' shoe size: 9
I can only find 151.5 size of Riders Choice.
*I was having trouble with my 156 rossignol because its too big for me. But i'm not sure what if I choose 151.5 riders choice then it will be small for me, what do you think about that? I've read riders choice 151.5's contact length is 116 cm just like a 155 board, it won't be a problem, moreover I need to choose 151.5 rather than 154.5.

I'm stuck on deciding the board. If you help me I would be grateful! Thank you for your time!:)

24WERD 12-10-2013 10:25 PM

Go for the TRS most stable out of the 3.

Attack banana not as stable

RC has the asymmetrical side cut I don't like.

ek9max 12-10-2013 11:29 PM

I have been riding for 3 months and tried 6 boards.

At the end of last season I ended up on a 2013 TRS. Loved it.

This year I started with a 2014 GNU impossible. Didn't like it and got a 2014 TRS Horsepower version.

I gotta say that I love it!

Boards that I tried in the 6 months at 2008 Burton X8, 2009 Burton Custom X, 2013 Libtech TRS, Capital Danny Breeze pro model, 2014 Libtech TRS HP.

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