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Tr3ys Mom 12-11-2013 08:36 AM

Help!!! Nitro vs Never Summer
Hello, I'm a newbie. Looking for feedback before I go out and spend a small fortune on my teens set up. He started out on a Nitro 152 subzero, has had it a few years. He rides mountain and park. HE's TALL and still growing. Currently 13, 6', 172lbs and most likely in a 13 boot this year. Sooooooo, he was thinking Nitro T1 159wide, but a local board shop talked him out of it. They said its too big of a board for park and he would hate it. They carry never summer and suggested the 156wide legacy. Decision time! Also, they said stay away from nitro bindings and go with burton missions or cartel. Please, please, please help with your insight and recommendations. Thanks!

BurtonAvenger 12-11-2013 08:49 AM

They're pushing him and you towards the more expensive boards/bindings. Those aren't what he needs. Hell the Legacy is more all mountain freeride than freestyle, so why they recommended that is beyond me. My guess is they're morons.

At that age I highly doubt he's really a 13 boot, maybe a street shoe, but not a snowboard boot. He's just going off how his shoes should feel and not how a boot should actually fit.

Where does he ride, where do you live, and what are your other options from the stores around you or are you willing to shop online? I know we're down to the wire for shipping online, but it might be a more viable option than dealing with the incompetency of your local shop.

Tr3ys Mom 12-11-2013 09:01 AM

We live in MD. He boards local mountains and PA. Also been to kllington. As for boots/shoes.... He wears a 12 currently is about to outgrow them.Most boots he tried were a 12 and were good fits. But thinking about getting the addidas samba boot in a 13. That ankle support cushion really held his foot in place and it will def get him through a whole season in case or should i say when his foot grows. Still undecided there. As for the boards.... They were def pushing us towards the evo & legacy. I figured its just because thats what they carry. But I read a bunch of reviews and they sound good. I'm mainly concerned about getting him the right size. I'd hate to get him something too big but based on his weight the charts say 159 or bigger. They said dont go bigger than 156??? What do you think based on his height/weight. His Dr estimates he's gonna probably end up around 6'4. And I want a board he can keep for a few years. I'm def open to shopping around. Dogfunk seems to carry a lot. Also open to other site and board recommendations.

BurtonAvenger 12-11-2013 09:20 AM

addidas boots are pure and utter crap. Don't buy into the hype. addidas knows shoes, the guy they hired to design their snowboard boots doesn't know how to make a functional boot. Plus it's a first year product that was rushed you don't want to be someone on the trial run of a product without a proven track record.

You're in Maryland are you going into Pit Crew or somewhere else? He's riding small hills that don't require a lot of board a 56 is the biggest I would put him on for his weight. A 59 he's going to be struggling. Ideally something 54 to 56 will work, even a 57.

Here's a list of boards I would look at that will be about 100 dollars or more cheaper than the Never Summer. You might even find a last years which will save you even more.

Arbor Blacklist
Rome Shank
Rome Agent Wide
Rome Reverb Rocker Wide
K2 Raygun Wide
K2 Fastplant
Salomon Drift Rocker Wide
Salomon Villain Wide
Rossignol RocknRolla
Rossignol Retox
Rossignol Angus

Bindings the Nitro ones are fine you could probably pick up a set of last year K2 Formulas,K2 Indy's (price conscious and actually a great binding) Rome 390 Boss, Rome Mob's, or something like that for relatively cheap.

Tr3ys Mom 12-11-2013 09:33 AM

Thanks for the feedback. Never heard of Pitcrew, I will look them up. Our local shops are Pure, east of Maui, skihaus and ski warehouse and then there's always zumiez. I'm a little leary of the new adidas boot too. Especially since he will prob outgrow it in a season. I was looking at arbor before and tried to get my son to consider them. But he was set on nitro. Now I feel we're back to the drawing board. So ya think 156wide is a good size? I'm sure everything is gonna feel so much bigger after riding the 152. I dont want him to be miserable and regret his choice.

kaborkian 12-11-2013 09:39 AM

Rome Reverb Rocker Wide Snowboard 2013 | evo outlet

Link to one of the rome boards that BA suggested.

Evo has good deals on last year gear in the outlet.

Tr3ys Mom 12-11-2013 09:46 AM

thanks, looking at the evo site now

BurtonAvenger 12-11-2013 09:59 AM

Like I said a 54 to 56 is ideal for him. He's jumping up a good 2 to 4cm's and coming off one of the softest snowboards in the history of modern snowboard so anything he goes to will feel a ton different.

Tr3ys Mom 12-11-2013 10:14 AM

EXACTLY!!!! So he reallllllly has no clue what he wants. Is coming from zero camber to rocker camber going to be hard to adjust to? Or is there a different style all together he should be looking at. Honestly, I can't recall why we even picked the nitro initially. Probably because the sales person at the time told us too, lol. He was more into skateboarding back then. I wish he could demo a bunch of different things before committing, but not really finding that option around here. Having board & binding overload meltdown. How do we decide?

zk0ot 12-11-2013 10:14 AM

the nitro T1 or T1.5 isnt out of the question. its a medium flex baord. and the Thicker railkiller edges might prove useful with your kid being a "park rat". if he wanted something a little softer the Nitro swindle has the same edges.

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