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Dutty 12-15-2013 09:10 PM

Help deciding on a good wide board
I've been looking to pick up a new board for this season. Just moved out to CO this summer and I'm wanting to throw down some cash to get something of higher quality. I've been riding a Rome Flag, which is a few years old and is the wide version of the Anthem (i have size 13 boots).

So I've narrowed it down to two boards, and I'm trying to pick out which fits my style the best. I'm looking at the Neversummer Cobra X and the Lib Skunk Ape.

I'd consider myself an all mountain rider... i like to play in trees and moguls on the blacks quite a bit, but what I really like doing is picking up a lot of speed. I've also been messing around in the park some, but that is more of an afterthought than anything, not my main focus when I'm on the mountain.

My past boards have also been 163 or 164 length. I'd like to try something a little shorter, but with my size I don't think that's possible (6'5" - 220 lbs).

So, any advice on the quality of these boards and which will fit me the best? Also, am I at the best board size at 163? :dunno:

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