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mitch_flaz 12-18-2013 02:26 PM

Big and Tall - Beginner - Board to Buy
Hey All,

I am just starting in snowboarding and I have hit the hill probably 5-6 times now. I am looking to get myself a complete set, Board, Bindings and Boots and I need some advice from the experts.

I am 6'5" and 245 lbs

I have size 14 feet and a M width usually.

I would like an all mountain board to hit the slopes with.

What are your suggestions for the best kit for a beginner level big and tall guy ? Preferably under $800 for the set.


cozmo 12-18-2013 02:37 PM

Big dude myself. 6'4 and 235lb.
You'll need a wide board around the 165cm mark.
XL bindings and some boots that fit really well.
I started on a Burton King 167 camber board, 2nd hand find for 50€ :)
Read up about board profiles, rocker, camber, everything in between.
I can't tell u what to buy, way more experienced people here for that.
I bought a jones mountain twin 164w this season, rocker camber rocker profile.

Tell the guys here what style u ride/are interested in and where u ride.

Shred Shepherd 12-18-2013 03:24 PM

Snowboard Set-Up Suggestion
One of the raddest wide boards on the market would have to be the LibTech Skunk Ape! It's made in the USA with some of the most eco-friendly processes in snowboarding. It's reverse camber which will make it float super good in powder and the magnatraction is perfect for holding a good edge on the groomers. The waist width is 26.8cm which should be plenty for any size 14 boot.

I'd suggest Union Bindings in a L/XL if your looking for something with a lot of movement front to back to get your foot centered on the board and in the binding. The Union Force is what I prefer because it's got great response and is a little better built then the rest so you don't have to worry about breaking anything...even though they do come with a lifetime guarantee on a majority of the binding.

Good luck, happy shredding!

mitch_flaz 12-18-2013 03:38 PM

Thanks Guys

I really appreciate the feedback and advice.

Cozmo -
Thanks I am hoping to pick up a similar deal if I can get one. I am however prepared to buy new if I know its worth it.

I snowboard in the Alberta/British Columbia Mountains in Canada. Mountains like kicking horse, panorama, lake louise, sushine and so forth.

Shred Sheperd:
Thanks for the suggestions mate and actually the last two places I have been too have suggested the same board as well. It seems the lib tech skunk ape is the board to have as a big and tall boarder. Did you have any other similar alternatives to the skunk ape ? its just the board alone seems to be almost $700 bucks with tax/shipping inc.

I like your suggestions on the bindings I will take a look.

Riley212 12-18-2013 04:25 PM

the ride wild life 167W is a good choice, good for starting and will last you a long time.

union makes very high quality binding that in the past have had sticky buckles, but supposedly they remedied that this year. I have had good luck with burton, K2 and ride bindings.

cozmo 12-18-2013 04:31 PM

Can't really go wrong with Union force or burton cartel bindings.
I got the union contact pros, a bit more flex then the forces.
Also when shopping for boots u might wanna stay away from BOA laces.
From what I hear they can't handle our weight/force.
They might have improved lately but it's something to think about.

As for boards check out the jones mountain twin in 164w. It's under the 500$ mark or shop last years models for a bargain.

Justin 12-19-2013 12:30 AM

I am 200lbs 6'6" and ride in the same area as you. I agree that you should be looking in the 165w area. Lib is pretty pricey but you can find other decks that will work for you.

New Flow 2014 Drifter Men's Snowboard | eBay

Flow drifter wide 163, i think the k2 turbo dream comes in a 165ish, ride wildlife would work.

Boots you need to try on, i have just over a size 14 foot but i can ride in a RIDE 13 boot. Try on a few brands in a few sizes to know what you like.

For bindings i would say to take a look at rome 390 boss or targas so that you can know if you like canted foot beds with no risk if you don't (interchangeable foot bed).

For your budget check ebay as well as canadian retailers online for last years gear. There is a thread about buying online and it has a list of canadian sites.

kvw 12-19-2013 05:36 AM

I can't imagine Rome 390 bindings holding up well to a big guys like this. Mine was falling apart in only half a season and there's no way I can exert close to as much force as someone who's 6'5"/245lbs (for reference I'm only 5'7" @ 170-180lb, intermediate weekend warrior rider, nothing crazy). I would imagine something built a bit more stout would be advisable, like something from Ride or Union or something else.

Go in to a board shop, tell the salesman to just let you be and just closely look at their bindings yourself and take your time - you can sort of tell which are built more durable. Make sure to look at the straps and mounting disk and carefully compare (for example I can post a picture of a Burton disk vs my Rome and the strength between the two is blatantly obvious). If you want canted, most Ride bindings have it and I believe Union Factory has canted footbeds now and look and feel solid in hand. In all fairness, I haven't gotten a chance to closely inspect 2014 Rome bindings yet so things could be improved. Don't get me wrong, they perform well but just don't last. Just my opinion. Good luck! :)

trapper 12-19-2013 07:22 AM

I don't have experience with a lot of boards at all, but I am almost the exact specs as you. Same height, same foot, about 20 pounds up on you. I'm on a 166w and started on a 164w. The 164 was a rocker and was very good to learn on as it was very forgiving in terms of edge catches. However it wasn't super stable when I started getting down the hill faster. The 166w is a CRC profile and a bit stiffer. There was only about a couple hours adjustment period I would say when I went to that board.

I think if you stay in the 163-167 range with a wide board you'd be fine. If you have a place to demo first, that's the way to go. Watch yourself with boots because some manufacturers have different charts. I.E. what Burton calls a 14 isn't going to be the same as what Ride calls one. I learned this from Wiredsport, who is in our forum and very helpful in this regard, but try sticking to using mondo (cm) sizing and that will help. Everyone else will say try in store before you buy, etc etc, but most of them don't understand the reality of having a size 14+ foot and that the majority of shops don't carry that size or very few models if they do. You'll probably have to get it online, which is why I suggest sticking with the mondo system after measuring your foot in centimeters.

Bindings, I'm just going based off the help I got here. Go at least medium stiffness, since for big guys like us everything will feel less flexy than rated because of our size. I'm on a Ride Capo which seems well suited for all-mountain for me. I wouldn't go less than a Burton Mission, which I've also used as well. And I can say from experience that both brands (Burton and Ride) will fit a big foot like yours.

mitch_flaz 12-19-2013 11:55 AM

Hey All,

Thanks for all this great info

Just a quick question about camber, rocker

I am a complete newby to this and I was wondering what is your suggestion in the way of board set up for my skill level/size ?

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