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Gimpystyle 01-08-2009 03:28 PM

New (bigger) board...what to expect?
Hey folks,

I've been riding for some 13 odd years. I'd consider myself a pretty advanced all-mountain rider but a relatively poor park or trick rider. I can bomb down any terrain riding normal, but I can barely ride switch, how lame is that? :laugh: At least I can do pretty decent air.

So, I've never kept track of changes in equipment or really been part of the "culture." So, I've been riding the same board since 1999 - a 152.5 cm Burton Balance (really flexy light park board) with Burton SI bindings and about uncomfortable! Still, it's what I'm used to.

Well, I just bought a totally new setup - a Gnu Rider's Choice MTX 161.5 with K2 Cinch ctx bindings and Vans Fargo boots.

What can I expect running such a bigger/stiffer board? (innuendos aside.) I'm 5'11, 165-170 lbs and have a pretty athletic build... Am I going to feel like a total noob on this thing? Should I adjust my stance? Will I be able to toss this thing around like my old board?


Thanks snowolf for the awesome wax tutorials :)

MunkySpunk 01-08-2009 03:38 PM

I rock the K2 Cinch's too, they're a bit heavier than normal bindings, but once you've got them dialed in, you'll never have to sit down again. I like them better than the Flows b/c they have a real strap setup even though the Flows are lighter. They're nice and snug although its 'hybrid' toe strap that's supposed to function as a toe cup or traditional toe strap sucks as a toe cup, pops up every time you wipe out from toeside.

Oh, and your board is going to probably be a bit more sluggish than you're used to (although a brand new Gnu 161 might weighs less than a 10 year old Burton 152.. dunno). But it'll hold an edge MUCH better than your Burton b/c it's edges are razor sharp, it's stiffer, and longer. Carve away.

Edit: And the move from Burton (or any) SI to a real strapped-in boot is going to be like night and day. I'd say any difficulties you meet in getting used to a longer board will be WAY more than offset by the benefit losing the SI's. You're going to feel like someone spot-welded your feet to the board.

jimmerjammermrk 01-08-2009 03:40 PM

You should have an easier time doing the type of riding you described. The length of the board may take some getting used to, and at your weight I might have opted for something around 159, but with 13 years of experience I'm sure you'll be just fine. The Fargo is a fairly stiff boot and should fit your riding style well also. I'm not a fan of the cinch technology, but I don't know much about those bindings. How stiff are they?

Gimpystyle 01-08-2009 03:48 PM

The cinch ctx is K2's top of the line cinch binding, so it should be as stiff as they come. The Vans Fargo's are great- I stepped into those boots and immediately knew they were perfect for me. Nice and stiff, true to size, and cradled my feet perfectly.

I've been reevaluating all my angles/stance/etc - I literally haven't adjusted my stance angle since ten years ago until last week. I'm running about a +12/-3 and I might go a little more duckfooted. I'm riding centered on the board and considering moving back a smidge as well.


Also in response to MunkySpunk:
Yeah, I picked the K2's over flows for a couple of which was the "real strap" setup. Also, I like how the K2's lift up the ankle strap when you pop down the highback...I feel like it's easier to get your boot all the way in vs. the Flows where you just get to cram it in there. I also compared the weight of the binding vs. a set of Ride straps that were sitting there and the cinch was actually a little lighter.

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