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inclineclimbing 12-27-2013 04:59 PM

Ex Ski Racer, Advanced Groomer SB'er, Help with new board Selection
Hi, thanks for reading! This is going to be a bit long, but i want to give enough info to get the best feedback (and don't want to be standard "What board should I get...")

I used to ski race GS in my younger years up through college, and after college lost the passion for snow; ski days weren't fun anymore, almost boring. No longer training daily, I was frusterated that I was just getting worse with each passing year and lost the passion for snow.

4 years ago I decided to try snowboarding and totally fell in love with the feel of riding the mountain. It completly rekindled my love of snow sports. Now I try to go 30-50 days a year and split 60% boarding / 40% skiing.

About me: 178 lbs, 6'0.
board - 2009 Arbor Wasteland 163
bindings - Ride SPI 2009ish
Boot - Ride jackson Boa coiler size 11

My first board was a Burton Custom ~156 which I rode for 2 days. When switching to the Arbor for the past 4 years, I found it didn't turn as easily and just felt slightly "off". That feeling never really has gone away. I find it a bit hard to initate turns, and when switching from edge to edge there's always a tiny bit on unstability i feel.

On a board I currently ride 80% groomers, 0% park (no interest) and 20% trees, moguls and powder if available. I'd say I'm an advanced boarder, expert on groomers, less so in more unstable terrain. I still get a kick out of riding switch, maybe about 20% time. I love carving deep and long with the board, but want to expand beyond this.

Starting this year I'll be riding only Squaw/Alpine in North Tahoe.

My goal in getting a new board is (besides a new toy and my old one is pretty damped out) I really want to expand into a more powder,tree line and non groomer rider. I Still have no interest in park/tricks, but I want to be able to float through deep powder, tight ride in treeline or off groomer and still be able to have fast fun on a groomer 20% of the time (and still ride switch). I don't feel the board I currently have is aimed at this.

And lets be honest, I got a gopro recently, and I want to up my game for the videos I make. :blush: Groomers are boring videos.

Reading these forums and thegoodride, I've focused on four and listed them from most powder friendly to most groomer friendly:
1) Never Summer Cobra
2) Jones Mountain Twin
3) Lib Tech TRS
4) K2 Turbodream

My questions are:
1) Are the ride SPI bindings and Ride jackson boa boot good enough that I don't need to upgrade them?
2) Based on boarding only in north tahoe (squaw), what do you think of the four I've selected. Are there others?
3) To demo them first, I can get all except the cobra at REI. Which means I'd try 2,3,4 first and then go to the cobra if I'm still not happy, but the Cobra I'm leaning towards as my favorite - do you think Cobra is the best match? I could use dogfunk to try it and then try 3/4, but they don't have the Jones in my size
4) I was thinking of going for 158 as a size. Does that seem right based on above?

Sorry it's such a long post, hopefully someone has had similar desires and found a happy solution.

Thanks so much!

cozmo 12-27-2013 05:13 PM

Welcome back from the dark side (skiing ;)
I have the Jones MT but haven't ridden it yet so cant comment yet.

kaborkian 12-27-2013 05:47 PM

163 for you is big. Powder only kind of big. No surprise that it feels slow to respond.

Cobra 158 would be a good choice for trees and tree powder, good on groomers, and not a lot of switch. I'm 200 lbs on a cobra 161.

Can't comment on the other boards, no experience with them.

Edit: woudn't suggest a twin, since your switch so little.

cav0011 12-27-2013 05:53 PM

Agreed 163 is big, remember that height had absolutely nothing to do with board size.

Weight and foot size are more important

C.B. 12-27-2013 10:52 PM

163? Jesus. I'm 170 and 6'3" and I ride a 154. That's probably your problem with turn initiation and whatever you don't like with your current board.

Demo some shit 154-158, your probably going to want a stiffer board and some sort of hybrid camber. Try some midwides.

ridinbend 12-28-2013 12:00 AM

I have two pairs of spi and still love them. They are stiff, but bomber bindings. If you've gotten comfortable with their responsiveness, I wouldn't worry about upgrading them. Enjoy your new deck on them for a while, then once your comfortable on that, consider new bindings. That is unless you have a huge budget.

Also consider the Burton Sherlock. It's an am killer that will float in pow, be responsive and still be a blast to carve up the groomers. If I had to pick from your list however I personally would go with the lib tech try. That's just my opinion, I'm sure you won't loose out either way. Just do yourself a favor and go with something smaller than 160 you won't regret it. Enjoy surfing the snow.:yahoo:

Btw how does one demo boards from rei and dogfunk?

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