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AHRMA69 01-02-2014 12:33 AM

2014 Burton Process FV and FV X restricted
So I decided to buy my first new board on ebay because I was approved for $1000 bill me later credit. When looking up what board to buy on the burton website, the board finder came up with a 155 Burton Process FV X restricted which at the time was not available on ebay. I was pissed because I didnt like the color of the regular process fv but ordered it anyways. Less than a week later I found a restricted model available on ebay! :yahoo: So I got that as well and now I'm wondering if there is a reason to keep both.:icon_scratch: I cant seem to tell the difference between them in flex and weight so the only reason I can think of to keep them both is to have one that is fully detuned and keep the other with sharp edges. I was thinking to just sell the process fv and buy a board that is better for powder. But what size? :dizzy:

I am 5'10" 167 lbs vans/burton size 11 boot and i was wondering if a 155 is even the right size for me for a powder board since the board finder doesn't seem to change the board size when I select powder terrain.

The 155 process fv x 155 is not as pictured on the burton website (at least mine wasn't and definitely not as good looking) mine is purple on top with blue base with red yellow green logo :dunno:

roboelmo 01-02-2014 09:11 AM

You want to keep both when both of them are payed using a line if credit???? Are You Sure?

AHRMA69 01-02-2014 02:06 PM

interest free for 6 months so hopefully i sell the regular process soon, :hope:

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