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Robear 01-06-2014 10:17 AM

HELP! Full Setup Recommendation- Price Doesnt Matter
Hi there- Im hoping to crowd source some advice on a full kit of gear for the new year.

Overall looking to get a whole new set up (board, bindings, boots) and one that I will last me for quite a while. Im willing to splurge for whatever the best set up is so price isn't an issue as long as the quality matches.

- 5'7, 155lbs, shoe size 8.5-9
- Intermediate-advanced skill level

I live on the east coast so Im frequently riding in VT, PA and NY- however, I do take a few trips up north/out west each season so Im looking for a pretty versatile setup.

Looking best of both worlds gear- I want to have control/speed on the hard pack, lots of pop for ollies and jumps, but also be able to rip up powder when the opportunity presents itself.

Ive looked at a few of the different hybrids but Im not sure which tech is the best/will suit my purposes most effectively.

Currently looking at the GNU Impossible, Endeavor Clout, Custom Flying V. and Neversummer SL.

Can anyone recommend a good set up for me, given the above parameters?

Thanks in advance!

Nivek 01-06-2014 10:23 AM

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Right now my two favorites are the Flow Blackout with Fuse SE's or the Custom FV with Cartels.

Sir Ringo 01-06-2014 10:35 AM

Capita Black Snowboard of Death is what I'm looking at for the exact same sort of purpose. I also live in the northeast so the "Death Grip" edge hold is appealing for the icy conditions out here...can't find too much in the way of reviews but I'm close to ordering one for my trip to VT next weekend.

Riley212 01-06-2014 07:04 PM

I would say the banana magic instead of the impossible. i ride one for general hauling butt, icy days, and i rode it in 24 inches of pow in alyeska and mt baker before i got my pow board, you just gotta pop the nose out and lean back a little bit and it works great. Im using Burton Cartel and Ride RFL boots, also great for this application. Its also a narrower board for smaller footed folks, the 154 would probably be a good size for ya, im 175 lbs and riding the 157.

scotty100 01-06-2014 09:07 PM

For east coast riding how about these 3 versatile boards, all with a camrock profile for good stability and fun in powder:

Rossignol One magtek

Jones Mountain Twin

Yes Asym

1 and 2 have mag tech, the Yes has a deeper side cut on the heelside. All 3 will provide good edge hold on hardpack and ice.

Bindings: Burton Cartel Reflex (size medium)

Boots: whatever fits but try Burton first, in particular the Imperial or Hail.

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