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wallew3 01-18-2009 08:59 AM

confused over board advice
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

6 ft
210 lbs
Size 11 boot

mostly ride northeast hardpack and man made snow
75% freeride and 25% pipe and small kickers(no rails, got hurt enough in my younger years skating rails)

It is my second season riding and am addicted. I would rate myself as intermediate. I am advancing my skills pretty quick, I have 20 years of surfing and skating experience.

I currently ride a Rossignal Roc D 164 I got on ebay cheap last season. I am shopping for a new board.

I have read everything I can online and talked to many people on the mountain and in local shops. Some say I need a wide board, but some say wide boards ride like crap and are not responsive.

I want a board that turns on a dime , but will be stable at high speeds, and can do the occasional trip down the pipe.

I went on the Ride site and used the board finder option and the top two boards it gave me were the Control 162 and the Fleetwood 158.

I am open to other boards.

I was wondering what other people my size are riding.

powderjet81 01-18-2009 10:54 AM

I think that a Rome Flag 163 would be perfect for you.

The flag is just a wide version of the anthem. They are designed exactly for the type of riding that you want to do. The flag has a lot of pop and turns really well but can really handle speed and pipe.

Like you've been told a lot of wide boards lack performance but rome has really got this one right. I have not ridden one myself but i have a friend who's about your size who has one and just loves it.

Another good option for you is a custom x wide. They are also great boards but they cost heaps more and I dont think you get any more from them than you do from the anthem.

They have the Flag on sale at dogfunk now for a 25% off so they are awesome value.

jmacphee9 01-18-2009 04:04 PM

just remember the taller you go, the less responsive, yet the shorter you go usually the less stable it is. 163 seems like it would be like a go fast only board, i would look for a 160 prob..

jimmerjammermrk 01-18-2009 04:48 PM

I would also say that the Rome Flag is the perfect board for your described riding style. You could also look at the K2 Zeppelin Wide (an awesome freeride board, pretty stiff, don't know how pipe-worthy it is), or the K2 Podium Wide (sort of the Zeppelin's little brother, also a stiff board but might be better in the pipe). Look on Rome's website though, the Flag fits you almost perfectly.


163 seems like it would be like a go fast only board, i would look for a 160 prob..
At 210, I don't think a 163 would be a bad choice for you at all, especially if you do mostly freeriding. I pretty much only freeride, and I ride a 162, but I only weigh 195.

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