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BrunoBiazetto 01-12-2014 08:28 AM

Looking for a new board - Is K2 Parkstar a good choice?
Hello everyone.
I'm new here... I'm going to Whistler now at Februrary and I'm thinking of buying a new board.
Actually, this is my setup:
2006 Salomon Forecast - Salomon*Forecast :::Snowboard buyer's guide 2005 / 2006 ::: - The Online Sports Gear and Buyer's Guide Magazine

I have this 2008 Ride RX Bindings - Ride RX Snowboard Bindings - '08/'09 Reviews |

And Salomon boots...

I'm looking for an All Mountain board, and I LOVE riding parks (jumps and some easy boxes). I've read on once that he rides a K2 Parkstar and he loves that board. Well, I'm not a pro, not even near it, but I want to learn some jump tricks and my board I think is way too heavy and stiff... I'm scared to death when I hit the kicker with it, I am scared of starting rotating and screw up on the landing.

I am 5 foot 9 (176cm) and I weight 168 lb (76Kg).

Here is my actual setup:

vajohn 01-12-2014 12:12 PM

I have the 2010 163 wide. I'm just over 6' and around 230 lbs with size 12 boots. I initially had a set of Union dlx bindings on the board, but switched to Burton Cartels. I wear Burton freestyle boots.

This was my first reverse camber board and I have really enjoyed riding it--well, it is really only rocker on the tip and tail. I have mostly used it out here on the ice coast as more of an all mountain board with the occasional park kickers, rails, and boxes mixed in (before I had to have knee surgery). Also shredded a bunch of intermediate and advanced groomers on it out at Breck, Solitude, Snowbird, and Brighton. Only got to ride it a few real powder days out west and even tried a bunch of tree runs at Breck.

It rides quite a bit different from the Union dlx bindings to the cartels. It felt like it had a lot more flex with the Unions. But after knee surgery I am appreciating the way it rides with the cartels.

This board has handled great on everything I've thrown at it. It is very fun to ride, has great flex and pretty good pop. I have read about people having problems with delaming top sheets, but mine is good. The base material is really durable and I'm not easy on my boards. My custom x is a better cruising board than this one. It is faster, handles groomers and hard pack a little better at high speeds, has more little more pop for launching kickers and also seems to help me stick landings a little better. But I also spent almost twice as much on this deck. I just recently saw a used Never Summer Sl and I'm thinking about selling my Parkstar to get that, but I might just end up keeping it in the quiver.

From what you describe, I think the parkstar would be a really good board for you. I got mine for less than $300 new and it was definitely the best deal I got on a brand new board since I started riding in the early 90's.

Ackileez 01-12-2014 12:47 PM

I got the K2 subculture, it's a medium in flex as well, but it's more of a cambered board, with the middle flat.

I've ridden only a full beginner rocker, and then I got the K2 sub.
Just comparing the 2, the K2 gave me enough stability and more traction, but was forgiving enough since it wasn't a full cambered. But my god, I love how when you pick up speed, the cambered tips grip more and more, while rocker made me slide all over. Maybe it's just me.

The board is light as hell.

Maybe you can draw up your own comparisons, or maybe this is irrelevant.
Just going by your post seemed like you wanted a little more control.

I'm 5'11 186 lbs

vajohn 01-12-2014 01:02 PM

Oh yeah, that's the other thing. Since the parkstar is flat in the middle with reverse camber in the just the tip and tail, it is not really squirrely at all when riding flat or skating.

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