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BisonBoarder 01-12-2014 10:13 AM

Differences Between 2014 Darker Series and Billy Goat?
Thought I was decided on a Billy Goat, now very torn between these two boards for my final decision. Both have changed to C3BTX for 2014, and seem to be designed for a similar style of riding. Trying to find factors to differentiate between them, which right now seems to be little beyond different types of magne-traction, art design, and price.

Could anyone help by commenting on other differences between these boards, or what type of rider they are designed for? I'd classify myself as equal parts groomer bombing, steep trees, and getting more into powder bowls recently. Also curious on thoughts about the different magne-traction styles, as while I do ride some on the ice-coast I will also be taking this board out west a couple trips per year.

Lstarrasl 01-12-2014 09:38 PM

Base your choice on graphics.

in other words, you can't lose.

wrathfuldeity 01-13-2014 03:33 AM

FWIW…..have not ridden a Dark nor a c3…but do have a c2 billy. Perhaps you can find some of my comments elsewhere on the billy. Thus pure speculation from looking at the specs of the Dark and comparing to ime of the billy.

First the mag on the billy is mellow…not grabby/grippy but subtlety there…verses reg mag you can definitely feel it.

Secondly…I’d imagine that the Dark’s torsional box is fairly stiff and beefy for response and control verses the billy is loose torsionally…I imagine this will be the biggest difference. Thus what does this mean? It is about control (dark) verses flow (billy)…the dark you will be able to get sideways/perpendicular/traverse of the fall line….vs the billy will want to keep the nose in the fall line and run down it. The dark you can work on the terrain…vs billy you have to work with the terrain.

As a rider and style imho…which I suck and perhaps too old, stiff and slow…the billy is more challenging to ride well…that is trying to be smooth and flowy (look for drizzle/temple Cummings on viemo…dude flows so smooth over natty) and that is what the billy is made for. Ime the billy really demands that you mentally stay ahead of it…and if not…it will take you for a ride.

I'd imagine either will be good...but ask yourself about how much you realistically want to be sideways in the fall line (or how much control do you want)....cause the billy don't like it....and will fight you...its a beast that wants to run down the you got to loosen up on the reins (less control)...but stay ahead of it and anticipate which way it will go (read terrain well). Last Thurs was day 2 of this year on the beat my ass, took me for a ride and ran me in to a tree...tweaked my ankle and done for the day :dizzy:.

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