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zazi 01-15-2014 10:09 AM

what kind of snowboard should I buy?
I've been riding a Burton charger for 3 years now ant it's getting a bit old for me. I'm looking to get a new 2014 board but I'm not exactly sure what kind yet. I'm 5'11, 145lbs and a size 10 boot with ride contraband bindings and ride encore boots. I've been looking at a Burton custom x and a libtech ass pickle. I ride all mountain and I want a board I can use for everything. Hopefully with decent flex so I can butter and play around but also have good performance. I don't have a price limit so if anyone could recommend some boards that'd be great! Thanks :)

Riley212 01-15-2014 02:53 PM

first off, if you want a decent flex the custom x is not what you want, more like the custom flying v, much better all around board.

Other than the Custom Flying v, i would look at a K2 happy hour. salomon time machine or assassin, flow era, Ride machete, arbor coda, never summer proto, lib tech trs HP.

MoparMan2011 01-16-2014 01:56 AM

Go with the ICS
I road an older Salomon Sanchez 152 with Salmon Classic bindings all last year and this year bought a Burton Nug 142 with Custom EST bindings and let me tell you there is a WORLD of difference. I will never go back to 4x4 or diamond bolt pattern bindings again. EST's basically remove the dead spot in the flex so it makes it super easy to butter. I will also love V-rocker boards. The Nug is kind of a personal preference. You can find a better all mountain board, but I like to do mainly park and jib stuff, so the smaller and lighter I can get it the better. So my recommendation is anything ICS Channel and EST bindings.

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