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Rven 01-15-2014 04:29 PM

Advice for new allround freestyle board?
Ok, I'm stuck deciding on which new board I will buy. I'm looking for an allround board and hope you guys can help me decide based on the following:

- I consider myself an intermediate/advanced rider and am not looking for a beginner board.
- I mainly want a board with a fairly soft flex and sufficient pop which will alow me to have fun and butter - mostly on groomers or soft packed snow.
- I still like to bomb downhill at high speeds, carve and be stable. I dont mind putting in some effort with board but stability is quite important to me.
- Half-pipe, high jumps, rails and heavy park terrains are not my thing…
- ...but I still love a board with enough pop to hit small kickers and boxes.
- I still need to improve on riding switch (perhaps because I've always ridden heave directional boards) but I definetly wouldn't mind a twin (or directional twin) to improve on this.
- Snow conditions vary alot depending on the time of the year or area I go. Allround terrain basically.
- I like to go off-piste now and then , but I already have a burton fish for heavy pow days (which I absolutely love btw, even on groomers) which I take with me on each trip

Currently I'm thinking about these 3 boards:

Burton custom
Pro: Good classic allround camber, great pop, stability, carving Con: Too stiff, not playfull enough
Burton custom flying v
Pro: Fun, playfull, great for buttering, more flex than regular custom, (the 2014 restricted graphics) Con: not enough grip at high speeds, frostbite edges doesn't seem to be doing enough on the board from what I've read
Libtech attack banana
Pro: Really interesting camber/rocker structure, magnetraction, great board for messing around Con: Overall grip and stability at higher speeds

I've had someone suggest me the Burton Antler as it has an even softer flex than the custom V but apparently doesn't let you down when carving at high speed and overall stability. Less pop than the custom however. Not alot of reviews out there however.

Offcourse I'm open for suggestions on new boards,
Bracing myself for the burton hate…

MoparMan2011 01-16-2014 01:07 AM

Burton ICS boards
I've been going around giving people the same report when it comes to getting a new board and Burton should hire me as a friggen spokesman. I switched to a Burton Me Nug(with ICS channel system) and Custom EST bindings. The nug wouldn't be a good board for you but I highly recommend getting a Burton channel board and EST bindings. EST's remove the dead spot letting any of the ICS boards flex easier than other manufacturers boards with soft flex. Twin directional and rocker are also my preference, but that is based on riding style and what you plan to do with it. Hope it helps!

24WERD 01-16-2014 03:28 AM

go for the attack banana.

add the libtech trs

wickedsight 01-16-2014 05:10 AM

At the beginning of the season I tested a few boards and in the All-Mountain range the Flow Rush really stood out. It's a really stable ride when riding at speed but I also had a lot of fun on the board at lower speeds. It was really predictable too, which is rare imho.

Angry snowboarder reviewed it here:
2014 Flow Rush ABT Snowboard Used and Reviewed «

sclogger 01-16-2014 07:34 AM

Don't think there were any changes from the 2013-2014 Rush, think you can still find the 2013 for under $300.

phenom923 01-16-2014 08:13 AM

If you're looking for something close to the Custom, but with a little more flex, then maybe the Process. The cambered version has plenty of pop and more grip than the Flying V; however, the Flying V will be a little more playful and has a little more flex from what I am told.

Nivek 01-16-2014 09:41 AM

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Burton Process Camber, Flow Drifter, K2 Raygun, Salomon Assassin, Arbor Blacklist, Slash Happy Place, Yes Basic, or a Lib Hot Knife.

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