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Ndanielson 01-19-2014 10:15 PM

Experienced Snowboard Selection Advice Needed
I'm looking to get a new stick, but I'm wary...

I'm 6'1, 200lbs, sz 11.5 boot
I ride anything and everything, more freestyle/AM, but i'll jump and jib all day too.

I own:
2007 Ride Control 161
2009 Gnu Riders Choice 155
2012 Forum Honeypot 151.5
2014 Nitro Rook 154 (have yet to ride)
I've demoed and swapped many other boards as well...

I've ridden a ton of boards, rockered, cambered, hybrid, all of it. But the board I always end up back at is the 2012 Forum Honeypot 151.5... It does everything I want it to, at whatever speed I decide. I've literally taken it on everything and it hasn't let me down yet. But obviously its really short for my mass. I'm wondering if my weight changes it's hybrid camber profile, am I literally smashing the profile on these little boards? I'm also wondering what I might gain by moving up to a 159+? I can ollie higher on the forum than I can on either the ride or the gnu or most other boards for that matter... and with such short length in the forum it is much easier to stick 3's and 5's... I also enjoy powder more in the forum than I do in the gnu... Am I missing something that every snowboard size chart seems to know? I'm just a bit lost as to why I find such a small board better than one "fit" for me...

The boards I'm currently looking at:
Bataleon Jam, Evil Twin, Goliath
Capita BSOD
Ride Machete GT
Rome Mod Rocker

I snowboard Vail, Breck, Beaver, Keystone as I have a home in Breckenridge, I love bombing cliffs, chutes, bowls and tree powder runs, but I also frequent the groomed areas and parks with friends, any advice on a board and most notably the size?!?


Ndanielson 01-20-2014 12:13 PM

Really, I just want to know how rider weight affects the profile of a board?

neni 01-20-2014 03:19 PM

Can't give you the answer why a small works so well for you; I fall out of the other side of the charts. Just wanted to give a little bump :)

neachdainn 01-20-2014 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by Ndanielson (Post 1453273)
Really, I just want to know how rider weight affects the profile of a board?

As far as I understand, weight and effective edge are what is related. A heavier rider needs a longer effective edge to hold their weight effectively... Inversely for a shorter rider.

If your edge is "X" cm long, and you place "Y" force on it - it holds. Place twice as much force on it, it lets go.

Makes sense to me, anyway. But who knows, my physics instructor was terrible.

F1EA 01-20-2014 05:44 PM

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Apart from effective edge...

Camber: rider weight engages the contact points and loads the board for energy return via pop and for (dynamic) edge/edge transitioning.

Rocker: rider weight dis-engages the contact points. Energy return is less efficient for pop and edge transioning... BUT i find there is better release than a camber board when applying off-centered weight for ollies (so, camber= better pop. rocker= better ollie).

Rocker/camber/rocker: your weight disengages the contact points, but not as much as full rocker. Stores almost the same amount of energy for pop and edge transitioning as a camber deck (depending on how much camber and how long is the camber section)... this is what i ride. I love it.

Camber/rocker/camber: i haven't ridden this, my guess is your weight tends to engage the contacts, but it is limited by the amount of rocker between the feet... not sure how is the energy release, but i think less than rcr because the camber section is shorter and outside your feet.

I think it goes something like that. More or less rider weight has an effect, whether it's a good effect or bad depends on what you like.

Tatanka Head 01-21-2014 03:59 PM

So basically your girlfriend wants her board back and you need to buy a new one. Its obvious you need a 151w split.

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