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andrewdod 01-30-2014 10:25 AM

Review: 2014 Gnu Carbon Credit
Alright, so as I'm sure a few of you know i purchased myself a Gnu Carbon Credit for Christmas. Finally got to ride it yesterday Here's some thoughts on it...

Board: 2014 Gnu Carbon Credit 162W

Bindings: 2014 Union Force's

Conditions: Hardpack, ice.

Riding Style: All mountain

Riding Level Intermediate on the groomers, noob in the park.

Let me start by saying that I pretty much took this board out of the sleeve, mounted the bindings, and went to the mountain... I didnt wax it, detune it or anything.

i took this board everywhere i could yesterday with the exception of the trees. This board performed on every aspect of the mountain... It did well on the groomers, its super fast. I actually had to corral it a few times because it got a little too fast for me, I'm not much of a speed demon up there i like to enjoy the ride,but It was super quick edge to edge compared to my cambered board which i expected with the BTX rocker profile. There was virtually no learning curve coming from a camber. I literally hopped on the thing and by the end of the run I was confidently popping side hits. Not what i expected.

As for the park. It did very well. took it off some smaller jumps. (our park isnt very big at the moment.) I was impressed definitely a lot easier to land on and smoother than my old board. I did a few 5050's on some boxes and i liked it. I'm still learning on boxes, but i was able to press it a little on the boxes. She popped! It was a lot easier to press than my old board which was stiff as a rail. It had more pop than my previous board as well, which was camber... but it was very hard to press, this board was much easier so i was able to get more pop with less force applied.

Overall this board should make any all mountain rider happy. I'm pretty sure it will have plenty of float in powder, (I didnt have much to play with) it does well in the park and rails the groomers. What more can you ask from an all mountain board?

BTW the edge hold was on point all day... Magnetraction aint no joke!

Pigpen 01-30-2014 10:54 AM

Nice review! I've had an eye on that board

andrewdod 01-30-2014 06:58 PM

thanks, its a fun ride. Just wish the base was sintered but i'll live.

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