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elaine003 02-05-2014 10:12 AM

Need help with choosing the right board
Hi! I just started snowboarding this year and have been to 4 trips now. I found out that I loved the sport and would like to get my own equipment. I'm 5'0 and 107 lbs. I've been renting 130cm boards and are quite comfortable with them. I tried 140cm once but had a really hard time with it. Been browsing at ebay for 130-134cm snowboards and I see tons of them but most are for juniors/youth. I'm 24 so I'm not sure if getting a youth snowboard is a good idea. For now, i've been looking at burton punch 131, k2 vandal 132, rossignol scan amptek 130 and salomon fierce 134. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks!

speedjason 02-05-2014 10:19 AM

are you a girl or boy firstly? cuz girls boards come in small sizes.

elaine003 02-05-2014 10:21 AM

Oh forgot bout that. I'm a girl and I ise size 6 boots. I've been riding regular most of the time but can also ride goofy..

speedjason 02-05-2014 10:23 AM

look at women's board. they are usually around 140 ish and soft enough for your weight.

elaine003 02-08-2014 01:38 AM

Okaaaay. So i followed your (speedjason) advice and looked for boards within 138-141 range. I was able to narrow it down to:
Salomon Lotus 138
Salomon Grace 140
Flow Venus 139
Atomic Tika 13
K2 Kandi 137

I've been using a 130cm head snowboard at the rental place. I didn't want to spend so much on my first board so all of these are previous models. For now I'm only looking into all mountain riding. I'm also able to link turns without problems and doing well with heelside turns. Still working on toeside (able to do it on the bunny slopes tho).. Any thoughts on those boards? Or if you have other suggestions that would be great too! Really appreciate the advice here. Thanks!!!

sclogger 02-08-2014 01:57 AM

I have the Mrs. on a Flow Venus. You can easily find it for less than 100 bucks. She loves and and it's definitely helped her build a little more confidence.

elaine003 02-08-2014 12:34 PM

Thanks! Is the venus something that i can stick on for a while (you know the beginner-intermediate thing)? Coz i dont want to spend money on a board that i will only be able to use for 1 season..

flips712 02-23-2014 03:55 PM


I read your post about how you were looking for a board to buy. I'm a female....same boot size, weight, and height as you. I've only used rental boards so far in sizes 134 and 135.

I'm looking to buy a board for all mountain riding so I'm curious to know what board and size you chose or are considering buying as I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I've heard that I may want to look for a board in a bigger size like 138 to 140 but I'm kind of nervous that it may be too much for me to handle and maneuver. Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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