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tostyj 02-05-2014 12:32 PM

Advice request: NS Ripsaw, Gnu Billy Goat C3, or Jones Mountain Twin
I was hoping to get some input regarding my next board purchase. I've narrowed it down to the Ripsaw, Billy Goat, and Jones Mnt. Twin.

I currently ride an Arbor Westmark 156 for smaller hills, park, playing around, and when it's icy (the Grip-Tech) works great. I can bomb on it somewhat, but it's kinda sketchy. I'm not a huge fan on total reverse camber for jumps either due to the lack of pop off the lip and washing out on less than perfect landings.

I also, ride a NS SL 161 with RC. Sick board, but I like to haul ass and would like something that is even more locked in when carving and grips ice better (I live and ride primarily East). I don't want to go back to full on camber 'cause I like some reverse for powder float and quick turn initiation for tree riding.

I do realize that I have listed two twins and one directional twin. And that the NS has Vario while the other two have mellow Magne-Traction

Any input would be much appreciated...thanks!

Naturesabre 02-05-2014 01:10 PM

Personally I love the NS Ripsaw. Edge hold is fantastic. From what I've heard, magne-traction does beat it but a lot of people find it too grippy. It's got plenty of pop, stiffer in the tip and tail(obviously) so non-perfect landings are fine, will fly down hills if you want it to, and is a really fun ride for whatever you want to throw at it. Oh yeah and the vario sidecut is sweet(coming from a guy never riding anything like that before). Also tree riding is a lot of fun on it, I ride a lot of trees and haven't had any issues.

However, literally everyone I've heard that has owned the Billy Goat are obsessed with it and its camber profile is more camber than the ripsaw. I've also been looking at the mountain twin for the future. All those boards are really good choices imo and based on what other people say about them.

EDIT: sorry forgot you already rode a NS so you know how the vario sidecut dealeo works already so nothing too exciting there for you.

double 02-10-2014 07:17 AM

I currently ride a NS Heritage, was making a similar choice and ultimately decided to go with the Jones Mountain Twin. I wanted an all mountain board that could handle bombing runs, normal powder days and was also playful for when I am riding with my kids. I ruled out the Ripsaw because I wanted a directional twin and also prefer a slight set back for pow days. The Billy Goat looks like a great fit for my type of riding but the gear heads at my local shop were raving about the JMT. Next year's JMT does not have the set back but there is a modified JMT which is a bit lighter and stiffer. I wanted the small set back so went with this years.

I did not get a chance to demo any of the boards and will be riding the Jones this weekend (east coast) and next week (colorado) so will let you know how it does.

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