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slasheer 02-10-2014 05:35 PM

I need whole new equipment.

So basically I moved to US few months ago since im living in Connecticut now i think that its time to grab my new equipment since old one left in europe.
Thats my 7th season on board.
Im 183cm , (6") my wight is around 150lb, feet 10.5 (43-44eu)

I;m a person who rather like freeride / fast riding. I do sometimes some jumps etc but its only when i find an opportunity to while riding down the slope :-)

Since I have to spent more money that usually - snowboard, bindings, shoes, jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, googles etc i cant say that i can spend that much.

I was really interested in K2 Slayblade 13' its currently on sale on for 314.90$ and thats the chepest what i was able to find.

Bindings are currently my pain in the ass. Flex tt30s / K2 CINCH CTX ?

Shoes are rather pretty obvious but still really important but personally I think its rather goes about that they have to be comfortable.

Helmet, gloves etc is not important in that case for now, i just want to focus on board and bindings.

Also i have been in sportauthority and found there K2 raygun 13' which was on sale for less than 200$ but im not sure about that board tho.

I need your opinions and advice! :) Thanks

Dago91 02-10-2014 05:48 PM

Get the raygun.. at $200 that's a steal!

Read angrys review on it..

2014 K2 Raygun Snowboard Used and Reviewed «

slasheer 02-10-2014 06:04 PM

Okay then point for Raygun.

How about bindings, i would like to add to my list - burton customs - as one more to consider.

TyBardy 02-10-2014 06:21 PM

when on a budget, I always found that leaning the top end of your budget to your boots was a wise way to spend. A crappy pair of boots can totally ruin a day on the hill at which point having a nicer board will become irrelevent.

Thats just my opinion though.

Dago91 02-10-2014 06:31 PM

I really like my 390 boss bindings from Rome. I believe that is what he rode on in the review.

Burton cartels
Flux sf

Would be some I would look at..stay away from k2 pos in my experience.

Ty has a good point about boots as well.

jml22 02-10-2014 06:42 PM

I have a pair of flux tt30s i could sell you
My SF45s i have are m so they probably won't fit your boot...

slasheer 02-10-2014 11:28 PM

Okay so basically i just found out that i was wrong about raygan which is my store. Basically its 2012 (they looked so similar on my phone)

Current price for it is 186.75$ + taxes.

So basically as far I'm still a bit more confident with Slayblade 13' i need a bit more comments and opinions about my choice.

Bindings as far 390 boss rome - found 2014 on a pretty good deal on ebay for 149$

In total i would go for less than 500$ for board and bindings, hopefully ill find confy boots for lestt than 150$ and im pretty ready to hit the hill.

@TyBardy i strongly agree about boots but the choice is quite huge and basically first of all i want to focus on how my board, since shoes are just like i said before more about being confortable so hopefuly it wont be hard to find one.

Also question would i need a wide 159' or regular 158?

sebtoombs 02-11-2014 03:26 AM

I'm in a pretty similar position here, getting a whole new kit. I've been looking pretty closely at the Raygun also, looks pretty decent for the price (mind you I'm in Australia, so if a 2014 model is $300 in the US, its more like $500 here). My only reservation about the Raygun is that maybe its a bit too beginner spec? (I'm looking at it from more of a freestyle perspective, but still being capable on the runs plus being a single board quiver). Basically what I'm saying is does anyone have any further input on that board? Sorry to hijack a bit, thought it was relevant.

Dago91 02-11-2014 05:45 PM

OP you would need a regular not a wide

Also no real differences between the 2012,2013 and 2014.

slasheer 02-11-2014 06:14 PM


So in your opinion is should still get Raygun for 186$ and add 390 rome boss ?

I've been in ski store today and basically they do have last 390 rome in store but they not recommend them beacuse of breaks etc.

What they offered me is Ride Highlife 11' for 399$ + bindings Ride Kx for around 150$ or Burton custom for 150$.

or is should rather go with slayblade 13' for 314$

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