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TyBardy 02-21-2014 10:19 PM

sizing up my five/six year old
Sizes jump from 80 to 90 to 100 and I am not sure how to size up my little man... cant find a decent resource online either..

Lamps 02-22-2014 12:14 AM

What does he weigh?


I found this chart was in the ballpark for my kids when they first started.

When they first start out go towards the shorter end of the range, so turning is very easy and the board will be soft in flex. If you buy used and then flip it as the kid grows it's a better solution in my opinion than planning on having the kid grow into their first board that you bought new.

Later on when the kid has some experience they may ride on the long end of the range.

For example my younger kid just turned 9, weighs about 65 lbs, is on her third year riding (about 40 days per season), and she's just gotten on a 132 burton protest, and really digs it, she's got a sort of carvy riding style. Her older sister is more surfy in how she rides and at 100 lbs rides a feelgood smalls Flying V 130, didn't like the protest, too stiff. I started both of them on quite short boards and they progressed quickly.

Kevin137 02-22-2014 06:12 AM

It's hard to say, my Stepson is just turned 8 he rides a 110cm and a 120cm but only weighs 24kg, according to Burton he should be on a 90cm or a 100cm...

Now this is weird cos he started 3 seasons ago having just turned 6 and he was riding a 110cm then as well, it served him very well, and he could still be riding something much smaller...

Personally, i would take the guides with a pinch of salt, if he is a small 5/6 then get the 100 if he is a big 5/6 then get the 110, he will grow with the board... And at that age, he will not be able to do so much anyway so flex is irrelevent it is how big the board is, and as i said, my stepson had no issue on a 110...!!!

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