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Handbanana 02-23-2014 07:57 PM

Looking to complement my Root
I've been riding last years Root 152 as my DD, and I love it when there's been recent snow. But I feel like there's probably something better when conditions are less than ideal - ice and spring like conditions seem to be weak areas for me on this board. So I'm hoping someone has some insight on what to look at to complement the Root in my quiver.

About me:
I weigh 180lbs, wear a size 9 boot. I guess I consider myself an advanced intermediate. I've been riding since about 88-89, except for a stretch about 96-04 that I didn't ride at all. Mostly I want to charge groomers, do some carving. I'd use the root for fresh snow/trees. I never ride switch, if I go in the park, it's only to hit a couple jumps. I ride ice coast, so it needs to have great grip on ice, and I was wanting something that will smooth out some of the other crap/chop. Not sure how to phrase it.

I figured its a good time to start looking since end of season sales are starting. I was thinking maybe Capita NAS in a 159?


wrathfuldeity 02-23-2014 10:14 PM

wut...180# on a 152 :icon_scratch:...I know its the ice coast...but :dunno:...besides u been riding awhile.

Handbanana 02-23-2014 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity (Post 1566033)
wut...180# on a 152 :icon_scratch:...I know its the ice coast...but :dunno:...besides u been riding awhile.

Sorry not really sure what you're questioning here. :dunno: It's a raduction board that you're supposed to size down 8-10 cm from normal.

linvillegorge 02-23-2014 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by Handbanana (Post 1566049)
It's a raduction board

a what? :laugh:

Lamps 02-23-2014 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by linvillegorge (Post 1566057)
a what? :laugh:

Radiation is burton mrketing term, they take the core from a 162 board in terms of stiffness, and put it in a 152 board, typically the Nug. You're supposed to ride it about 10 cms shorter than usual.

SkullAndXbones 02-23-2014 11:37 PM

Burton Custom X, Rome Anthem (i ride this board and it's amazing), Gnu Billy Goat, Lib Tech Darker Series. those would be my top choices

wrathfuldeity 02-24-2014 02:57 AM

Had to go look on da webz abt raduction:

"its not really malarky just simple physics
more surface area = more float, the same amount of force on a wider surface disperses that force making it easier to stay atop pow, bigger board = more surface area
taper = more float, less surface area in the rear means more pressure in the tail which causes the tail to sink/the nose to rise creating float
pow shape/pointy nose, creates more clearance for the nose to plane above the powder creating more float
s/rocker = more float because the nose is naturally lifted upward creating more float
its like saying set back is marketing bs when its just simple physics
All of Burton's (among other co.'s) pow tech is an alternative to longer decks with more surface area, and because there are so many kinds of pow tech packed into one board it greatly reduces the need for a longer deck so much so that you "can" downsize slightly and have the same/greater effect as a much longer board
The fact that Burton has managed to umbrella its pow tech under the "raduction" isnt mareketing bs, its great marketing because its based on facts.
Truth is you downsize on a nug for a different reason than a barracuda or fish, being playfulness vs float but thats why you downsize different amounts. The nug needs a significant decrease in length to achieve the skate style feel and utilizes significantly different tech.
But the general principle of raduction is the same, less length to achieve optimum performance/radness

Burton is bringing more of its 'Nug Raduction' tech to more of its boards, meaning you can comfortably ride a board 8-10cm shorter than your normal length. The way Nug Raduction makes shorter boards possible is by increasing the width in the middle of the board, utilizing side effects along the tip and tail (to improve edge hold and stability), inserting 'jumper cables', or carbon strands, inside the board for more pop and featuring a squeeze box in its core to better transfer energy throughout the board."

So its like a short fat chick with p90 core :blink:

Ok...whatever ya ice coasters like to ride....

Handbanana 02-24-2014 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by SkullAndXbones (Post 1566193)
Burton Custom X, Rome Anthem (i ride this board and it's amazing), Gnu Billy Goat, Lib Tech Darker Series. those would be my top choices

Thanks! I'll look into those.

While I've been riding a long time, all these different camber profiles are new to me. The root is the only non cambered board I've ever had!

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