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singasong 02-26-2014 03:40 PM

Buying my first board (beginner/intermediate)
Hi all,

This is my first season snowboarding and I have been on the slopes for almost 10 times. My skill level still kinda falls under the beginner class. I can link turns pretty smoothly using my shoulders and knees but I tend to panic when I'm stating to gain speed and lose control. I can use my heel side to stop very confidently but is still afraid to brake with my toe side in higher speed.

I went to Mountain Creek in NJ a while ago and was able to ride all their green trails and some blue ones. I tend to pick a more all-round board as i would tend to learn tricks/jumps in the future.

The rental gear I have been using are mostly the Burton LTR 154 and 160.
I weight 176 lbs at 5"10 with a shoe size of 9
I did some research on the forum and found this Rome Tour 2013 which seems like a pretty good fit for me:
Rome Tour Snowboard 2013 | evo outlet

I'm wondering if this is a good choice for me and also open to any suggestions

Big thanks ahead!

SkullAndXbones 02-26-2014 03:55 PM

well i can vouch for Rome being a good brand. i ride the Anthem and i love it. what's your budget? the Gnu Carbon Credit would be another board to look into.

larrytbull 02-26-2014 04:02 PM

for a nice beginner board for east coast
you may want to look at the arbor formula
it is a great all around board, with thier griptech to help on the icy days.

I have the 2013 model and that is what i ride

singasong 02-26-2014 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by SkullAndXbones (Post 1574329)
well i can vouch for Rome being a good brand. i ride the Anthem and i love it. what's your budget? the Gnu Carbon Credit would be another board to look into.

I check the price and it exceeds my 150~250$ budget. Is it worth it to invest in a more expensive board as your first? I do intend to ride every year from now on.

dextr3k 02-26-2014 09:09 PM

I think as a beginner, you won't know the difference between a good board and a cheap board. So I feel if you are beginning, there is no point dropping $500+ on a board alone.

However, if you are confident you love snowboarding, and are confident you can make a lot of trips to the hills in the coming years, then you need to seriously consider a board you can progress on, then a rome or GNU would be a good investment. But again, thats your own judgement.

SkullAndXbones 02-27-2014 01:30 AM

i guess everyone is gonna look at it slightly different. me, i wouldn't waste money a bad board. especially when you're just gonna upgrade to a better one in a year or 2. that $250 can go towards a nicer board especially with the end of the season sales going on. plus you said you've gone about 10 times this year so far so you're off to a good start. by next year you'll probably be a decent intermediate and will get more comfortable on your toe edge. the carbon credit is great for beginners and intermediates. it's an all mountain board so that'd be perfect for what you wanna do. it's not the end all be all of great boards. there's lots of other great boards out there that will perform just as well but i have a tendency to mention that one to beginners and intermediates because it's a great board for the price. believe it or not, it's on the lower half of the spectrum in terms of cost. shop around though. look at other brands. brands i always suggest are burton, rome, lib-tech, and gnu. im sure there are other great brands out there but i don't know enough about them for me to feel entirely comfortable recommending them. K2 and Ride always seem to have positive feedback. i've heard some good things about Never Summer and i believe there are several people here that have ridden them so maybe they can tell you.

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