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BoardTheSnow73 02-26-2014 06:13 PM

Tree Board: Nitro Slash, NS Cobra, K2 Ultra Dream
I'm looking for a board to ride through tight trees on deep powder days. I'm finally back in snow territory (after 3 years of riding shit ice in Boise), and I've been out exploring quite a bit this winter. The easily accessible stuff gets tracked in a hurry, but if you're willing to get into the thicker trees, there's a lot of fun to be had.

I've basically got a board for everything else, so this one is going to fit a specific need to compromise. I'm 6'3" 230lbs sz12. I've got an old cambered Venture Euphoria 168 (28cm waist) that absolutely annihilates open powder faces, but it's like steering the Titanic in the trees. I've also got a Highlife UL 163W that works great in most conditions, but simply does not have the surface area to keep me afloat in the deep stuff. So I'm searching for something in between these two. Preferably with some sort of lightweight construction to keep swing weight down. I don't ride switch, so taper is welcome.

I think I've basically got it narrowed down to these:

.................................Waist.....Sidecut .....Setback.....Taper........Camber
Nitro Slash 166............26.4......7.8/7.0.......1"............9mm........Gullwing
NS Cobra X 166...........26.9........8.05.........?.........0 (Spade Tail)....RC
K2 Ultra Dream 165W...26.7........8.0........3/4"............0mm.........Flat w/Tweakend
Prior Khyber 165..........26.0........8.5.........1"........... ....30mm....Hybrid Rocker (RCR)

Any input or comparisons on these are welcome. I've read quite a bit about the Cobra and UD, but there's not a lot of info out there about the Slash.
On paper, the Slash is perfect, but I'd like some real world input. Also, is there any real difference between Gullwing and RC?
Thanks in advance.

Triple8Sol 02-26-2014 08:57 PM

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I would add the Capita BSOD 165 to that list. A little setback, a little taper, rocker tip and flat tail. I'm looking hard at that and the Gnu Beast right now for similar use, but the latter doesn't come in a size that works for you.

BoardTheSnow73 02-26-2014 10:26 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I had totally overlooked that one when I checked out Capita's website. I went straight for the Charlie Slasher but it wasn't in my size. The BSOD would probably do everything I want, but it is a hair narrower (less surface area), a little less setback at .5" (maybe a little more leg burn), and a little bigger sidecut at 8.3m (maybe doesn't turn quite as sharp) least on paper. I'm just nitpicking so my list doesn't explode. Lord knows we've seen that happen before, LOL. Definitely keep the suggestions I said I had totally overlooked this one.

Does anyone know what the actual setback on the Cobra X is?

ridinbend 02-26-2014 10:33 PM

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Consider the sick stick. Flat to rocker twin with a mild set back that's really responsive in between trees. I use it on the west side of mt bachelor in the trees. The tail is so epic and allows the board to ride more twin and still float amazing in pow. Just looking at your list, yeah those are epic boards and slay pow, but for trees are those going to be responsive in tight spots? Food for thought. Also I'm assuming when your finding hidden stashes in the trees it's not easily ridden.

SkullAndXbones 02-27-2014 02:02 AM

how about the NS Summit, Premier F1, or the Burton Barracuda?

SkullAndXbones 02-27-2014 02:05 AM

Lib Tech Birdman?

BoardTheSnow73 02-27-2014 03:11 PM

Yeah ridinbend, definitely looking for something responsive for the leftover stashes in the tight spots. That's what drew me too the Cobra...multiple reviews of how easy it was to get the tail around. I would assume from the specs that the Slash would be very similar. For the Ultra Dream, I've seen mixed reviews. Some say it turns quite sharply, others mention the midsection being a little stiffer and therefore more suited for open areas and bigger turns. I was hoping to generate some conversation comparing the maneuverability of these boards.

The Sick Stick was my 4th choice and the last one I had eliminated before posting (started with a list of about 30 from 20 different companies). The SS is just more narrow than I'd like.
Thanks for your input.

linvillegorge 02-27-2014 03:19 PM

The Cobra does well in powder for an all-mountain board, but it's not a powder stick. If you get stuck in tight trees in mellow terrain, you're gonna be in a world of suck. That's the type of terrain where you NEED a true powder stick.

Capita Charlie Slasher
Jones Hovercraft
K2 Ultradream
Prior Khyber
Venture Storm

Those are probably the boards I'd be looking at if I were you. Personally, I have the Charlie Slasher.

SimonB 02-27-2014 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by BoardTheSnow73 (Post 1575217)
Does anyone know what the actual setback on the Cobra X is?

3/4 in. on 153 Cobra, for what it's worth...

Nivek 02-27-2014 09:57 PM

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Gorge is on the right track.

Burton Barracuda, Jones Hovercraft, Burton Fish, Flow Darwin, Slash Straight, Salomon Pow Snake, or Bataleon Camel Toe.

Short tail means you think ahead cause you dont have to worry about turning too early and clipping your tail. Its the jam.

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