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Luvmustycarpet1 02-28-2014 08:59 PM

Co-Sintered Base??????? please help
Im trying to figure out if Lib techs "Co-Sintered" base is fully sintered or is it extruded ? or is it combo of both if they make such a thing trying to read around but i cant seem to find anything about i was wondering if anyone can help me out with this and if you can give me some pros and cons of this CO Sintered base .....i just ordered the T.Rice pro from Lib n noticed it co sint base ...if this is an extruded base im going to be pretty disappointed spending all that money to get a cheap base :dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:

SkullAndXbones 02-28-2014 09:23 PM

the only thing lib tech's website says is "Eco Sublimation compatible, fast, rugged, maximum wax retention."
just email them. i don't think the "co" means it's a combo of sorts. i would assume if it says "sintered" and no mention of extruded then it's a fully sintered board. lib tech probably just added some extra "tech" to make it sound better.

Bparmz 02-28-2014 10:28 PM

The T.Rice Pro is a sintered base. Don't sweat it!:thumbsup:

Luvmustycarpet1 03-07-2014 11:53 AM

I emailed Lib Tech to find out an answer and this is what i got back :

"The T-rice comes with the co-sintered base which means there is a layer similar to an extruded base and then another layer is laid on top of it that is a sintered material. Combined that make the co-sintered base which is kinda of a medium hard density and personally my favorite of all bases. It requires minimal maintenance and maximum performance. I really like that it is hard like a sintered base but acts for like a extruded." - Taylor Altman

"The Co-sintered will act like a sintered when it comes to hot waxing. This is because it has deeper pores just like a regular sintered base.
Happy to help you whenever you need, feel free to ask me anytime." - Taylor Altman

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