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Edp25 03-08-2014 05:44 AM

Board for my daughter
Hi Folks,

My daughter made the switch from skiing to boarding this year and is jazzed enough that she will be joining the ski/board club next year. She is 12, 5'4" and 100lbs

She is not yet into park at all but likes cruising greens and blues playfully. If I start hitting things on the side, she happily follows along. I think she will progress quickly as her skiing background has her comfortable with speed, traffic and line choice.

I was thinking of keeping it easy but am biased a bit towards a camber or camber hybrid deck that is not more than medium stiffness.

Capita birds of prey has gotten great reviews but we are east coast so the GNU b nice is also attractive due to magna traction.

Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated


Lamps 03-08-2014 06:14 AM

Consider Burton feelgood Smalls, 125 or 130, more likely 130.

My daughters both ride these, really like it. Keep the edges sharp. We are in ontario and my kids don't seem to hate the ice like my wife and I do, we prefer camber.

slyder 03-08-2014 08:42 AM

My daughter is 14 and in the same size range. We do have icey conditions here as well.
After learning on a reg camber board she expressed park interest. So I just got a park board for her this year and she loves the board. It was a Capita.

I can't keep track of all the models, new tech jargon terms, etc. I'll leave that for the more advanced forum members. What I will say is my family has had very good luck with durability, quality, etc with Ride, Mervin boards (LibTech & Gnu) and her Capita. My middle sons Burton was not so good for us. Not saying they are junk, many riders love them. Just saying I/we didn't have good luck. My oldest son just got a Burton and it's only seen 3 days so far. So I will see how that one holds up to invalidate or validate my Burton opinion. Could have just been the model middle boy had...

Enjoy the father-daughter time, I do with my daugther :yahoo: She may also surprise you and may find yourself following her into the park :giggle:

Dago91 03-08-2014 09:09 AM

for the OP..

Burton Feelgood Smalls Snowboard - Girl's 2013 | evo outlet

my buddies little girl rides this board and is the same age.. she loves it! This is what her uncle (Me) bought her.

wrathfuldeity 03-09-2014 03:40 AM

At her age, pay attention to the graphics/color. Maybe select 2-4 boards that might be suitable...then let her choose the one. :dizzy:

Loftness 03-09-2014 09:26 AM

I will echo the thoughts of others about Burton youth boards. I'm not a Burton rider, but they know what they're doing with youth boards. Easy to learn on and very forgiving. And generally appealing graphics, which does matter. ;-)

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