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jkrupa 03-13-2014 02:19 PM

2003 millennium 3 board
Hey guys I just recently picked up snowboarding and I have been out twice this season since I started at the end of February. First and foremost I ride locally at Hidden valley and seven springs in pa, I do not go to the park at all and ride mostly groomed runs so I would say that I enjoy carving and free riding primarily.

As for my stats I am around 5'10 205lbs and wear a size 12 boot. The board I have been using is my brothers 156 millennium 3 board which I think has a camber setup (I could be wrong) that he bought used. The board is a 156 which seems to be a little small for my stats and riding style but the second time I was out I was linking turns and felt very comfortable on it. The first time I was catching edges and did not enjoy the majority of the day, but after getting into the swing of things I could carve quite well and felt like i was riding the board instead of the board riding me. Initially the binding angles were +18 and -12 which I absolutely hated so I switched to +15 and -9 which made it 10000 times better on the second day.

I have been doing extensive research on buying my own board but I am not sure if I should switch from traditional camber since it is all I have rode and have experience with. I have been looking into a rocker with raised ends and a hybrid rocker/camber/rocker setup, I am just unsure if I would like these. The bindings are forum but I am unsure of the model and the boots I used are dc park boots size 12 which felt a tiny bit to big for me(I think 11.5 would be perfect)

Since I am a broke college student I would like to keep the cost to a minimum but I want a quality board and binding setup that I can grow into and enjoy. What board,boots and bindings do you guys recommend for my stats and riding style? I appreciate any feedback or input.

Pics of board

Donutz 03-13-2014 08:38 PM

Y'know, someone on the forum is selling a2012 Heritage for $260. You didn't say exactly what your budget was, but that's a perfect size for your weight.

jkrupa 03-13-2014 09:21 PM

Thanks for the reply, that's in my price range as I would not be able to spend more than $275 on just a board. Do you have any boot or binding advice as to what I should look for?

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